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    Dangerous bridleways

    The South Downs Way crosses one. When we rode it I got off used the phone to tell a guard or signal box how many there were friend led my horse over,used phone again and carried on.
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    Does anyone actually like loaners

    After I got rid of my last horse I was given on loan my present mare,owner trusts me totally,all other loners on our yard have been great
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    Who remembers the Caroline Akrill 'Eventer's Dream' trilogy.... there's a NEW 4th book!

    Great have the three in one. Always loved her books,what about Not quite a horsewoman?
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    Offensive plants!

    A pile of ash on the bridleways,had to go another way round. Wild rhubarb has big leaves which often shimmer but passed a field that had a raging fine in the days when stubble burning was allowed.
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    Happy gentle falling off stories please!

    Funny one. Coming down a narrow track to a farm gate,old mare hated narrow gates. Went forward to open it and she shot through I slid off into a great puddle of cow slurry. Cue gales of laughter from friend and a mile back to stables at a walk no rising trot
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    Trooping the Colour

    Whoops. Read somewhere during mounted warfare the plume deflected any blow from a sword.
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    Trooping the Colour

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    Full monthly cost of DIY livery

    Wow. Just realised how lucky I am. Have been on same yard for years. Gradually got smaller so only two of us now. We pay £90 a month,get our own hay big bales delivered £45. This year they have lived out all year
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    Aaaagh, the midges have arrived!!!

    Not seen any here as yet flies but nothing that bites,we have a secret deterrent our bottom field is covered in wild garlic horses will demolish the lot.
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    Tell me about Arabs....

    My best ever horse was a part bred,she was bred from Cranleigh Red Shadow,she would go anywhere and do anything,if I could have cloned her I would have,my next was a pure bred crabbett tough as old boots
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    Lucinda’s book The biography of Be Fair

    Got this and her other one Four Square.
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    Wildlife around the yard.

    We have buzzards, kites,deer,badgers that have big sets in the banks,ducks and a family of pheasants that we feed,and all the usual birds.
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    Countryfile Exmoors

    Been going off Country File for quite a time. We have Exmoors on the Downs near Devil's Dyke.
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    Knowall novices

    Read it to my OH who laughed and he is totally unhorsey
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    Yard problems

    I'm an older livery (70 plus) and have always enjoyed young company,have been a shoulder to cry on in times of heartache get to know us were good fun really.