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    Horse unbalanced and leaning in trailer - advice please!

    Silly thing but with our horse it was the tyre pressures, make sure they are correct
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    Pony Trekking Buisness Help!

    Don't forget several hats and body protectors - several of each in various sizes of course, that will need to be replaced (hats after every fall) and when the regulations change.
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    Cost of Euthanasia Query

    Total for me was just over £600 - no ashes - my daughter couldn't bear the thought of her pony being shot.
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    Cost of Euthanasia Query

    I suppose it was just the shock of seeing it in black and white - having spent time this morning cleaning out her stable (in this heat :( :( coming home to the bill and seeing the word just seemed to be the last straw. Again I cannot fault the vet or the disposal guy, both were efficient...
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    Cost of Euthanasia Query

    Having re-read my original post - I realise that it may come across as querying the cost of euthanasia which was not my intention - more as to the way the bill it set out - after all the 'medication' for the euthanasia is what it is - I don't see it as being necessary to set the euthanasia out...
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    Cost of Euthanasia Query

    Yep - same sort of figure -just surprised that it was set out the way it was - the vet was wonderful, as was the disposal company - the pony was my daughter's pride and joy for 18 years and she was given time to say goodbye before the pony was taken away.
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    Cost of Euthanasia Query

    Ok so just wanted to query something. First off let me say that I am no way complaining about the vet, who was superb when dealing with the planned euthanasia of my pony. I just wanted to see what other people paid for the service. Just a little background - much loved older pony with problems...
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    Dutch Microchip

    If it begins with 5281 it belongs to the NRPS - if you want to pm me the full number I can try to see if I can help
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    Poorly Pony

    Do not panic, 8 years ago our dwb mare fractured her splint bone into 5 pieces, (x-ray photo in my profile album) after box rest/bandaging and care the leg is stronger than ever. She has competed at all disciplines since and has never looked back.
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    Essential things all horse owners should know

    Whether you have enough money available to pay for everything - including that 'final decision' (did you win the lottery :) ) That every yard has at least one person who knows better than you/the vet/farrier etc but is really 'all the gear but no idea' That there will always be people who will...
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    We're Moving!

    Good luck with the move, I hope Dave settles well. It is the one time you realise how much 'stuff' you have though :) :)
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    Andrew Nicholson and loose dog at Bramham

    Another dog owner here - IMHO ideally ban them or if not a very hefty fine at least £100 - Imagine if a dog with a long lead got loose, chased a horse and got its lead round the horses legs causing it to fall and break its leg resulting in euthanasia, what about injury to the rider. Would the...
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    Badminton XC!

    Me too - actions will tell if he is genuine
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    Anyone Others Still Living Out?

    Our WB is out 24/7 currently with a rug - she has access to as much hay as she wants and access to a field shelter which she never uses.
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    What horse did you set out to buy and what did you end up with?

    Definite want list that we were not going to budge from: British bred maybe welsh or welsh/tb at least 10 yr old Gelding Bay/Chestnut - absolutely not grey No bigger that 15.3hh Well schooled and with experience Absolutely no going over budget and preferably with tack Ended up with...