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    Anyone been on livery at Kingswood EC (shrops)

    Brilliant facilities, lovely people, great owners who are enthusiastic and encouraging.
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    Who will light the Olympic cauldron?

    My moneys on David Beckham!
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    All the queens horses jubilee - itv tonight

    I went - it was amazing night. However there were actually loads more horses actually involved but so far they have hardly shown any of them.
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    Mark Todd Summer Combo Fly/UV Rug

    Well been using mine since Thursday now and must admit its a nice rug - my coloured cob is not too hot under it despite the heat. It looks nice and neck stays up and in place but I do have the first clip not too loose to keep it up. Does not stop the flies around the sheath but dont suppose...
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    Mark Todd Summer Combo Fly/UV Rug

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    Mark Todd Summer Combo Fly/UV Rug

    Hi has anyone tried this fly rug - Todd Summer Combo Sheet&id=4924 Thanks
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    Royal Windsor Horse Show

    Am gutted. Going tomorrow and was so looking forward to it. Hotel booked the lot so could make the most of the day :-(
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    Cortavet v Cortaflex

    Thinking about putting my horse on a joint supplement Touch wood no problems at moment. Really stepped up his work recently and he is 14 now and a heavyweight cob. Am wondering along the lines prevention is better than cure. Am told cortavet ha is better than cortaflex ha - any...
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    What do people think of treeless saddles?

    I totally agree with all the points in sblooms thread. i tried a treeess saddle on my heavyweight cob and it was the worst money ever spent. Back to a treed saddle now and feel so much more secure, I was scarec to ride in the treeless and had no support at all plus the extremely wide twist...
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    Pikeur Washable Show Jacket

    Thanks all - i assume they are the 95% polyester versions you wear
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    Pikeur Washable Show Jacket

    Thanks Dotilas and Horseywelsh - thats what I like to hear!!!
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    Pikeur Washable Show Jacket

    Well I have started to dabble in a spot of dressage and need a show jacket. Tried on Pikeur Diana and Epsom. I prefer the Epsom as slightly shorter and know I need a size 42 (black ). However there seems to be alot of options for the material mix. Been looking at the cheaper washable version...
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    Girths - Girth Grooves...??

    Thanks Kezimac - is it the wintec cair or Aeborn one you use. I ordered a wintec 46" but it is too short (on offer £39 quid on ebay) but had to go back. My current string girth is was a 46" when I bought it but it seems to have stretched. It now measures more like 50" but is too long so maybe...
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    Girths - Girth Grooves...??

    Hi - any help gladly appreciated. I have a heavyweight 15hh piebald cob. Have had terrible trouble with saddles and saddles slipping back. finally accepted my horse is putting the saddle where he wants it and bought a Native Pony and Cob Glen saddle. Can honest say I am not entirely happy...
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    Smelly beds/stable deodorisers?

    Equimins Stable Disinfectant is good stuff - smells lovely