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    What do you have in your foaling kits?

    I'm a first time breeder (although have had horses all my life) and my maiden mare is due to foal mid-July (give or take). She will foal at home and I'm just starting to get everything sorted so I'm well prepared. Can I ask what do you have in your foaling kit? Thank you
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    Who is expecting what in 2015?

    Lovely to hear about people's impending arrivals. My graded Dutch mare (by Kimberley KWPN) is awaiting her (and mine) first foal by Midnight Runner (by Contract Law). She's not due until 18th July but I'm feeling scared and excited all at the same time!
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    Serano Gold

    I had a couple of goes via AI with Serano Gold on my maiden mare. She didn't take but my vet was extremely impressed by the quality of the semen (chilled), fantastic motility and density! I would have loved her to have been in foal to him as I was very impressed by him but sadly we had to go...
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    Tell me about Richelshagen (Rubinstein) x Purioso breeding

    He stands at Week Orchard Stud, not far from us, here in Cornwall. It would be worth calling them and having a chat. ��
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    Broodmare rug...

    Another vote for Amigos, my rather large WB mare still fits her nicely, despite the ever expanding tum.
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    Dever Saddles - Any Reviews??

    I borrowed a Dever saddle when I bought my new horse. Personally I wasn't impressed with it, I thought the underside panels were rather small and didn't spread the pressure well. I also found it bloody uncomfortable. Personally I wouldn't recommend them.
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    Moving to Cornwall, need vet and farrier recommendations!

    Firstly welcome to Kernow, best place in the world to live! :-) Another vote for Harleigh Vets, although they are now called Kernow Vets as they have merged with a couple of other practices. Particularly recommend Ron Fraser there. Can recommend Andrew Prout farrier, although he is based...
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    Danish Warmblood - Graded?

    One of the best horses I ever had was a Danish Warmblood gelding, he was by Don Schufro. I don't know if it's any help but Don Schufro's dam was called Fiesta. Here is my boys pedigree, not sure if it's the same Fiesta.
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    Arena Builders - any recommendations (Cornwall/Devon area)

    Wonder if you guys could help me. We are in the process of doing our research for a decent company to build our new outdoor school this summer. As it's a huge financial commitment, we really do want to find the best people to do it. We average over 80 inches of rainfall a year, but last year...
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    Dressage stallion suggestions

    I really rate Don Schufro but he is not cheap! Also Woodlander Supertramp, but it really does depend on your mares strengths and weaknesses. I am using Serano Gold on my mare this year, but he's by Sandro Hit, so no good for you. What about Wenkenstern (by Weltmeyer) he's standing at...
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    Tell me about Saluki/saluki crosses

    There is a reason those Co Durham Salukis are cheap, the words "bargepole" and "don't touch" spring to mind!
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    Saluki cross moulting!

    Was your saluki cross living outside? I've had a few saluki cross lurchers, who were rescues and used to live outside, it took a while for their coats to adjust to living indoors with central heating and the moulting was rather copious! My short haired was the worst so I used to put the...
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    good saddle cloth&half pad recomendations?

    Im not impressed with Lemieux half sheepskin numnahs right now. My husband bought one (with shim inserts) for his hunter. It was only ever washed on a wool cycle with Woolskin wash and allowed to dry naturally. The sheepskin is unglueing and coming apart from the numnah. Won't be buying one...
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    Tell me about Saluki/saluki crosses

    The sellers address isn't by any chance Co Durham is it?
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    Mare poss in foal with toothache for sale...

    With the greatest respect to everyone (especially to OP for bringing this ad to light), it might be better to say no more about this ad as it is 'in hand' and I'm sure no-one would want to jeopardise the case. :-)