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    Sympathetic instructor - Stratford Upon Avon area

    I have pm'd you - hopefully, as my phone isn't always reliable at sending them!
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    rental prices of land - Coventry area

    We have a yard to rent in South Warks, 6 acres, 6 stables and a further 4 for storage. Separate tack and feed room , small school that is prob 25 by 25ish, water and elec included. Owner on site. Was previously rented out for £350 a month. Does that give some idea?
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    Livery yard needed Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth, South Coventry area

    What about Oak farm in Bagington, or is that too far out?. Also I think Bubbenhall Bridge is becoming a livery yard only, again might be too far.
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    livery yards coventry - tilehill

    I have heard that Beanit farm isn't so bad at the moment. It seems they only have about 8 liveries and the girl doing the services is reliable, so it might be worth a look.
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    Human hay allergies

    I'm like this too, I live on once daily antihistamines and beconase nasal spray. I tend to wear a mask when doing hay/beds etc which does work well. Because I'm a tad strange, when I can't be bothered with the mask I coat the inside of my nostrils with tinned lypsyl type stuff, which is...
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    Saddle fitter/master saddler

    I have to say I am suprised at this as Jo is always someone that I would recommend. We have used her for years and she has fitted five of our horses a variety of saddles. We have always been happy with her, and we are ultra fussy! Have never paid £90 for call out whether we have been 5 mins up...
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    Side Saddle

    I rode him too, which was really good, as I have loaned him to them for the past 18 months, and hence why I was pretty keen to get up there and have a go sidesaddle (as obviously have ridden him astride a fair amount). Can't quite bring myself to call him Graham, that's not his real name it's my...
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    Side Saddle

    I had my first lesson there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it, so will definately be going back again. Which horses did you ride?
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    Saddlle fitter recommendation - Rugby, Warks

    I've used Jo Beavis at NSC for many years.
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    Had my NFU Insurance quote through, how does it compare?

    I pay NFU a £1020 a year for a 12 year old warmblood who does a bit of dressage and riding club stuff. He is kept at livery about 9 miles from home. No trailer cover included, that's done separately with another company. He had had 1 claim for treatment with the osteopath when this renewal came...
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    My first attempt at Sidesaddle

    Going clockwise was fine, the other way got a bit wobbly at times, especially the transition from canter to trot- I was a little bouncy! Have to go back for more now though.
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    The Mini-Clyde Multi-Purpose Cob!

    Well I think she is lovely. Considering that I have 3 matching warmbloods, she is just the type that I'm always drawn to. Maybe we will see you out and about in Warks at some point, then she can have a fuss too.
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    My first attempt at Sidesaddle

    Well seeing as I have the week off, yesterday I had my first sidesaddle lesson. It's something that I have been meaning to do for ages, and I really enjoyed it. Will definately be going back for more. I hadn't ridden for a few months due to varoius reasons, so really need to get myself riding...
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    Livery in South Warwickshire

    Finwood looks lovely, but full and with a waiting list and only does 7 day part livery. Yes that number would be good, thanks
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    Livery in South Warwickshire

    Thanks, saved me a phone call then as no turnout is no good for me. I have been on the hfstables fb page and it looks like they are full and probably a bit further out than I wanted. We are right in Warwick, so was hoping to limit the travel to 10 miles max. Will have look at the other one though.