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    Electric fencing along foot path

    I have electric fencing along a footpath. The path is 2 metres wide and I have signs up warning that the fence is electric. No one has ever commented on it.
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    Walking with dog treats - what are your views?

    I take treats on walks. Sometimes I give them, sometimes just a pat or a good boy. Gotta keep on top of these pesky terriers. And I don't mind if other people give my dogs a treat either.
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    If Dubarrys aren't the best boot, what are?

    I wanted Dubarry Wexfords. Couldn't get them in my size. Considered Tuffa Norfolks and almost ordered some until I came across Le Chameau Jameson boots. Ordered them yesterday. Fingers crossed they will keep my feet warm and dry!
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    Best colour hi viz

    I have to wear orange high viz as work as apparently that's the best!
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    Which do you love more - your horse or your dog?

    I love them all but my dogs definitely. I could be without a horse but not my dogs.
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    Doggy Day Care

    20 - 30 dogs!! That's insane. If they had a fight and a few joined in there is no way one person could stop a dog being seriously injured or killed. I wouldn't consider leaving any of my dogs in a place like for one second.
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    Dog been attacked :(

    I tend to walk out of the way places now as get a bit sick of it tbh. I have a large staffy X who isn't great with all dogs but loves small dogs and all females. If I see another dog,he goes on the lead. The amount of people who let their dogs run up and jump on him, try to dominate him etc. We...
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    Dog been attacked :(

    My youngest terrier was attacked a few weeks ago. Large Lurcher picked him up and threw him. Then ran over and pinned him and started biting him. We got the big dog off and no actual damage done. However since then he's been a little git with other dogs. Getting in there first. He's ok with dogs...
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    Mo Farah!

    His 10k PB is 1 min 46 secs slower and that was in a 10k track race. Not a triathlon it says. Still an incredible time. He's obviously a strong runner and his 10k times in a tri aren't much slower. That time is almost 2 laps behind though.
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    Good arthritis supplement for dogs

    I've just started a thread about this. Should have scrolled down! Doh!
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    Joint supplement for elderly dobie

    Has anyone had success with any? Or are they as hit and miss as horse ones. My old girl is 11 and I've noticed her back legs getting stiff. In the last month she's had trouble jumping in the car after a walk. She can still run and is full of life, walks have been shortened etc but just wanted...
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    Horse killed dog

    Firstly I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Fudge. If my horse killed a dog I would be devastated. An apology would be the least I could do. I have a footpath through my field and it's fenced off. My horses are generally very good with dogs as I have 5 of my own, but you just never know. I...
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    How much do you pay for large round hay?

    I get the massive rectangular ones. £40 delivered. I usually get 2 at a time. Lasts me around 10 days. Buckinghamshire.
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    Bucking Bronco Dog?! Strange Habits while playing.

    That's funny as my dobie does stuff like that too. She's very horse-like. She rolls a lot on walks and never in stuff like fox poo. She bucks and Broncs and at dinner time she rears lol. Also have a little terrier that stands on his back legs and waves his front 2 paws at you. The faster he does...
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    Doberman or German Shepherd

    I have a dobie so would say get one! We have 5 dogs and I wish the others were like her! She's very laid back and gets on well with the others. On walks she has a good recall and isn't interested in other dogs or people. Just wants to do her running in big circles lol. She's 10 now so has slowed...