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    Spoilt DIYs??

    It may be worth saying in the meeting that due to their behaviour you are having no DIY there next winter and to take that as a warning that they will be getting notice to that effect at the appropriate time, and I would give notice for them to leave well earlier than October as thats going...
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    Not sure if my mare is pregnant

    Those things are also seen in horses that are not pregnant. Geldings will also snap when you tighten the girth and will itch their bum, they also shake just the head and neck, so those are not ways to say a mare is in foal or not. If she is coming in season then it is unlikely that ahe is...
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    Supplements for mare in foal?

    ight now she will not need any extra supplements for the foal, I would be more interested in why she is eating mudand manure. If she is having good quality vitamins and minerals already then she should not need the feed increasing until around month 6 or 7 of the pregnancy.
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    2 dead birds in a week :(

    If you can leave a log or short plank of wood in the troughs, trugs or buckets them birds that fall in can get onto them and then fly away from them instead of drowning. Horses can still drink round them so its win win
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    Mare inseminated Saturday 16th

    My first question would be when did she ovulate? some mares ovulate and still show for a few days, others will stop showing before they ovulate. Yes sme mares can appear to be showing when in foal, best though is to wait for the scan and see what the vet finds as they are all different :)
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    Letting go of the dream horse?

    Does he make you smile and want to be with him? If he does then try him again and get him vetted and home. For me when you buy a horse you need to have must haves and no ways for someone who wants to have fun must haves are temperament, rideability, type (in relation to the height and build of...
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    Its all your fault for letting him see the vet, it put ideas into his head about having them back on a regular basis so he thought a fat leg would be a good thing to start with :D
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    Buying horses from auctions in germany/holland?

    In Europe you are not likely to find 2 year olds in an auction, and the 3yr olds will most likely be ridden. Sadly for you the ridden auctions normally have a minimum bid of at least 6000€ (plus comission, insurance and vat on them) so you would be well under with your budget. It is...
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    Dunhill - German riding pony, sold to UK for driving

    A friend in Germany is looking for a pony she sold a few years ago, who was then sold to UK as a driving pony. If anyone knows him the post is here
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    Passport for Westphalian query /help please

    Although she is registered with them they may not have her dna on file, so once its done this time it will not need doing again.
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    Anyone else middle aged and been seduced by a fancy warmblood?

    If my body let me I would have another. There are nutters in anything from small natives through to TB and heavy horses. You can get warmbloods that live out unrugged, and rarely have a problem and you can get rugged up cobs that turn to mush if they see rain. You need to pick the bloodlines and...
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    Vegan boyfriend...and hunting....

    Although in a different way I have been there and got the certificate. I saw it fairly early and did not allow it but my advice to you is wake up and see what is going on. DO NOT allow him to control what you do, wear, eat, live or how you think. If you cannot do that get out NOW
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    If you could have anything for your yard...

    I would have loved an electric wheelbarrow that tipped as well, would mean a lot less energy needed to muck out or poo pick
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    Weaning but nowhere to separate.

    Agree with the others that you are not set up for weaning. Mine was done ths same way I used to do foals which was that the foals are in a settled herd with other foals and sensible older horses, mother or preferably 2 mares were taken out, loaded in a trailer and driven away well out of...
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    Favourite presents?

    My favorite or should I say most satisfying present is the hateful glare I got from my (soon to be ex but he does not know it yet) OH, I bought 2 tickets for his mother and him to go to a ballet. It is a real shame that she loves ballet and he has to put on a happy face as he loves her but...