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    Would it be too far

    Are you intending to ride or to lead him? Led should be totally fine, if you are prepared to just tootle along at his pace, and use verges etc as he wants. This dry weather should mean his hooves are fairly hard - hopefully they aren't brittle. I wouldn't have them trimmed too close to the...
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    What do you feed your poor doers / your thoroughbreds?

    I love feeding straights - but my older Tb has expensive tastes, and a small appetite. I just couldn't get him to eat enough calories. Saracen Re-leve and Equijewel have transformed him, and my bank account :(
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    ...And here comes the Kevin's?

    I feel that horses can feel insecure if they feel alone without a strong companion. I'm not sure it's simply that they need you to dominate, but they need to feel you can make decisions, otherwise he will make them for you. When you demonstrate you can take charge, they feel safer and...
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    Maths help pls! ratio brain ache

    Thank you- all good advice. They are all powders, of *fairly * similar ish texture, so I think my plan is a larger quantity to reduce error, use accurate scales, and mix well every now and then. Once mixed, it won't have to move much, so hopefully shouldn't separate too much. Nothing...
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    Maths help pls! ratio brain ache

    My brain has overheated I think :( I want to mix 5 components, to save faffing around twice a day. I keep salt separate. I have the recommended amounts to feed per day: weight - 18g, 10g, 8g, 5.5g, 4g volume - 30ml, 10ml, 12ml, 5ml, 5 ml Am I best to mix by weight or volume? Surely weight...
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    is this possible with a fly rug?

    Yup, some of mine have done this. Doesn't even take a huge wind - just a gust at the wrong angle. Once it has blown up over the tail, they roll/rub/wriggle until it comes over the head. Impressed that the fly mask stayed on though - Shires might be my next purchase, as the LeMieux ones are...
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    Is P15 always a long test?

    I do much prefer long arena now - and actiely avoid short arena tests. I'm so pleased that even proper dressage bods don't know the funny markers :) My problem is remembering exactly which diagonal I'm meant to be doing though - I usually set off from the right place, but then forget if I'm...
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    Reviews of Wow Free Space girth?

    It seems very similar to the Stubben Equi-soft, which my TB liked
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    Building the Best (or a total money pit)

    That sounds like a lot of hard work, and a lot of fun! If 10 acres was needed for 1 foal, does that mean there will nowbe 6 foals??? :)
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    Injured rider

    First instinct is yes, of course. Then sadly you start to think of insurance claims.... :(
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    Shysmum - please can you tell me which Eucalyptus oil you use? I went on the Mystic Moments web page, and they have 5, but the descriptions for each one are pretty much the same! They have: Australiana Blue Gum Citriodora Peppermint Staigeriana thank you :)
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    Thank you for sharing :) How long before NAF have copied your recipe and are marketing it at great cost ? ;/
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    Ex-racers breathing

    Yup, high-blowing :) A rythmical gentle snort, caused by the exhaled air exiting a little higher through the '3rd nostrils' - the little flappy bits at the top of their nostrils.
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    Ex-racers breathing

    Was it high-blowing? I do think Tb's high-blow more than other breeds. I love the sound - I was delighted when mine did it :)
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    Horsefly bites

    Can you use the Biteaway pen on a horse? My daughter's grey reacts very badly to fly bites.