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    Odd horse names

    At one yard I was at someone had a Spanish horse called Caudillo which was one of the titles Franco went by. When my Spanish mum saw the name plate on his stable it was a case of "do they know what that means?".
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    Colour experts your thoughts please

    Sooty buckskin
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    What Saddle do you have? Big shouldered TB

    On my old one who had highish withers and big shoulders, I had a black country event with wither gussets and a kieffer dressage saddle. There was also a Harry Dabbs/Jaguar one that worked for him when I was trying dressage saddles but I preferred the Kieffer. Of course none of these fitted my...
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    Pictures Anyone good at grass species

    1 yorkshire fog 2 cocksfoot 3 ? 4 ryegrass 5 ? 6 rough meadow grass 7 timothy
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    Pictures Anyone good at grass species

    i thought 6 was rough meadow grass
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    Pictures Anyone good at grass species

    7 Timothy
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    Are Therapists back out working yet?

    Round here they all advertised as back at work when the announcement was made about more people being told to work if they can. Also therapy centres taking in day patients to use the water treadmills etc ...
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    Recommend me some reins

    If you're not in a hurry keep an eye out for sales, I got mine with 40% off. They usually do a Black Friday sale with a decent discount if you can wait that long.
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    Recommend me some reins

    I have some Henry James Saddlery reins, lovely and soft, thin and I've had them a couple of years now using them all the time and they haven;t stretched at all. I have the eventer ones though an earlier model but they do a few variations. https://www.henryjamessaddlery.co.uk/collections/reins
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    Bucket colours!

    And mine has to have his special yellow bucket taken to shows to try and tempt him to drink especially on hot days
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    Bucket colours!

    While mine will drink from his black bucket, he likes the yellow bucket I use to top it up and will intercept me to drink straight out of it.
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    Liveries taking the pee....

    Or the vets can bill her for half the callout and credit your account which given that you need another visit will be used quite quickly.
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    Liveries taking the pee....

    My vet automatically splits the cost so it actually suits me if someone else uses the visit. On one busy yard I ended up with an eighth of the callout charge. The other person would get an exam fee which would be per horse not split.