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    Henry James Saddlery

    I've got a pair of the reins and love them. Looking at their wide stirrup leathers next
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    Worming confusion

    Not sure why Equimax doesn't mention Redworms when Noropraz which is the same combo does.
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    Worming confusion

    Link to Westgate page on redworms and Invermectin is one of the ones mentioned (which is in Equimax)
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    Horsebox insurers and breakdown recommendations please!

    Shearwater who use ERS. Before I was with NFU but as well as being more expensive, didn't have homestart included in their recovery despite using the same company. I also found the same as Elleskywalker with NFU. A friend wanted to borrow the lorry so I called and had her added to the policy...
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    What is 148cm in Old Money Found a conversion table here. 14.3 is 149.86 so sounds like yours is over
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    YuMove Supplement money off!

    Not sure - I can have a look on a pot tomorrow to see if it says anything but the ingredients are Chondroitin Glucosamine Green Lipped Mussel Hyaluronic Acid MSM Vitamin C Vitamin E
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    YuMove Supplement money off!

    Thanks - had just run out of joint supplement and Yumove is one I use.
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    Am I a novice rider?

    Of the half dozen people I know who bought an non ideal first horse. One like kaylum it worked out for and made them as a rider; two had falls and lost confidence and gave up riding; the rest didn't end in disaster but didn't go well either. They tried their best but but made little progress...
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    Am I a novice rider?

    I jsut I just had a quick look on horsemart and ISH are the most common breed on there.
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    Am I a novice rider?

    That would be my first thought as something that has potential to show jump, tbs aren't really built or bred for pure show jumping. I would have said a nice irish horse for what you want. Are you not in the UK though, both irish horses and warmbloods seem to be pretty common everywhere. They...
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    Am I a novice rider?

    Do you have experience of ex racers, I love them but they're not everyone's cup of tea In terms of adverts 'Not Novice Ride' usually means one of two thing:- some people put no novices for a young horse even if it's straightforward as it needs someone experienced enough to continue its...
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    What's the obsession with buckskins and duns?

    Always had a soft spot for Buckskins and especially Pallys. When I was younger PBA palominos were especially popular, my pony when I was younger was a PBA chestnut mare that came out of that breeding and while she was a gorgeous golden chestnut part of me wished she'd inherited the cream from...
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    One of my tbs does that two tone thing, it's quite satisfying to groom out the old coat revealing lovely bright bay underneath.
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    Moulting - slow summer coat growth

    One of mine is looking really scruffy at the moment. The unclipped bits are coming out unevenly and he looks like the moths have been at him. The clipped bits look a bit bare in places where summer coat hasn't come through yet so a bit like your bare patches. He's very shiny through. Hasn't...
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    How my 1st attempt at stressage went

    The first test I did with mine was on grass and the sight of white boards against bright green grass was more than he could cope with. After scuttling through the gap at A we proceeded down the centre line to C were he span and made an attempt to leg it out of the ring. The rest of the test...