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    The wait is over, I’ve sat on Scrappy for the first time today.

    Congrats! I'm sure you'll pick it back up in no time 😁
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    What weight for a 15.2 youngster?

    I am 66kg and backed both my lightish 15.2hh mare and my 14.2hh stocky built Connie. I have backed all sorts at this weight.
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    Pictures How big are your yearlings?

    My big horse was 14.3hh at a year old, 15.2hh at 2, 16hh at 3 and now fully mature (10) he is 16.3hh (he's been this height since about 6) Arty mare was about 13.3hh when I bought her at 2.5years, and she's now 15.3hh at 5 Pebbles pony was 14.1hh when I bought her at 2.5years, and she's 14.2hh...
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    not much hope

    Whenever I read Facebook comments, particularly on something like this, I wince. It just seems to be how people roll on Facebook, Twitter etc
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    Soggy weekend plans

    Ooo, that's exciting news SF - you totally deserve to be able to get back out prancing with a heavy! :D Nothing really doing here, but on the plus side my horses are fabulous (yes I'm biased). Arty's trot work is starting to become much more consistent and she's even starting to get the idea of...
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    Following on from 'dying breed' - are we all competing less?

    Yes, I feel the same. Partly it is because the big idiot is a terribly inconsistent competition horse, but is a delight to just chuck on a lorry and go for a hack or a spot of xc, so I have fallen into the habit of doing that and just enjoying it. And partly I think that my competitive ambitions...
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    not much hope

    Shocking. What a self absorbed little madam. She must've seen that they filming her no? And still didn't back astounding lack of awareness of her own behaviour for someone that sits in judgement over others
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    How tall do you think she is, and how tall will she get?! 😂

    For comparison, this is my 16.3hh horse when he was 9 months old:
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    Le mieux dressage numnah (or other deep numnah)

    52cm for the ones I've got here. I have a couple of HKM pads that are pretty much exactly the same size. Eta: this style of HKM - But generally if you want a deeper saddle pad you...
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    How tall do you think she is, and how tall will she get?! 😂

    Assuming that she is approx 14.3hh now (from comparison with your height, unless it's a really weird perspective), then yes, 16.2-17hh seems about right for where she'll end up
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    "You just need to ride her better"

    Haha, I come to the same conclusion pretty much every time I ride 😂 Saying this as a massive armchair Amber fan....I think you're actually really lucky with her in the same way as I'm lucky with Arts in that she's the sort that seems (from afar, over the internet) to really rise to the...
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    Skylla Update

    Will be really interesting to see her progress - thanks for sharing
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    2 years ago today.... and it was ALL Blanche’s fault 😂😂😂

    Aww, gorgeous Millie ❤❤ Blanche is awful though - I am about 2 miles from forest dog rescue that she linked in the other thread....I had to quickly click off when I realised which rescue it was because I'd just be too tempted 🙈
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    Found stray dog... We might be having him!

    Yay!!! So pleased for you, and he is a smashing looking dog :D 'twas surely meant to be
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    Competitive spark and living out.

    I had a couple to do the initial reschooling on that a friend bought from the same place (for a pittance), one she took back fairly quickly to just turn out for a while and the other did come round quite quickly, but started off reluctant to walk forwards at all and had to be ridden in just a...