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    How horses think

    Very interesting!
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    Holyshit, he's a proper creep though.
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    Ossi do a lovely chaff that is chopped hay & straw with some oil. It's all made on their farm.
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    Ribbleton training - what is it?

    It's about finding people who are stuck, feeling down & lost & struggling & then dangling a carrot. So you go investigate the carrot. It looks good. Then the carrot asks you for a 4 figure sum of money once they have your commitment.
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    Bathing what do you use and how often?

    I rarely bath. I slosh off if he's hot after riding with Hedgewitch Lavender wash. If going to a show, I'll do a bit of a sponge off & tidy up, but like @Tarragon , Exmoors do come in lovely low maintenance colour schemes!
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    In-hand show advice

    Charity shops are your friend.
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    Smelly stable

    It's also not absorbent at all.
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    Non horsey other halves?

    This sounds very similar to us & it works for us too.
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    Non horsey other halves?

    When I met my husband, I didn't have a pony. It was him who put me in touch with a work mate's wife who needed some help with her ponies. He knew from then what it involved. When he saw how much it meant to me, he bought Dave for me & I don't have to justify to him, as long as I'm not spending...
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    Shitlands - Stardom calls......

    I'm sure there's an Exmoor out there that would fit the bill too!
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    Post lockdown head funk

    I've just entered my first show, in hand M&M & novice ridden. The show is well run & keeping to no spectators, everyone sticking to their groups. I'm really looking forward to going out, even if it is our first ridden outing & I'm bricking it a bit.
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    Bucking pt 2…

    I would walk away from this loan, especially if you are paying for the priviledge of getting bucked off & lunging their pony.
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    Advice needed

    Having had Dave on a yard 20 miles / 45 minutes away to now 2 miles / 5 minutes away has made a HUGE difference for me. Pony will make new friends & yes, there will be a settling in period, but you will be a constant & if you are relaxed & happy, it will rub off on him.
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    Advice needed

    I think it's a no brainer. Move.
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Congratulations, he's gorgeous!