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    Lost our darling boy.....absolutely gutted and shocked

    I am so so sorry, what an awful thing to happen. At least he wasn't in pain for very long and he had a loving home. You have also got some lovely memories of him xxx
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    Chico been rushed into surgery

    Hugs, hope everything turns out well xx
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    Becca and Bob

    It's great to see the improvement in him. It's also great to see how he has helped Becca cope with losing her mum to cancer. Two lost souls helping each other.
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    Becca and Bob

    I got Bob last summer as a companion for Pete. He was a mess when I got him and had been neglected so I set about some TLC. He has horrendous mud fever which we are still working on, his feet were awful and he was thin. My friend Becca had a very hard time last year so I asked her if she would...
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    rugging ........rant

    My two have been out 24/7 for the past week with no rugs. Only took Bob's rug off at night about 3 nights ago as he was sweaty in the morning. They are both fine :D
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    Bye Bye old man ... Convinced he waited for me to be there!

    I'm so so very sorry, huge hugs. If nothing else at least you can take comfort in being with him at the end xxxxx
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    I know I'm a Newbie

    Fantastic well done xxx. The first step is the hardest, just don't try running before you can walk. Hope you have loads more days in the saddle xx :D Sorry Misterjay I didn't read your post before I replied oops
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    Just saw a nice thing:D

    If I could get away with keeping pony at home I'd get rid of the Land Rover :D. However I think my neighbours would not be too happy with a stable going up in the back garden :D
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    Negligent A & E grrrrr

    I must admit the NHS where I live now are fab. When hubby had his fall last week he had a thorough going over and everyone was really kind. His doctor is great and rings up to find out how his oncology appointments have gone, she is a lovely lady :D
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    Negligent A & E grrrrr

    Oh good Lord :eek:. I had problems at Mayday Hospital when I lived in Croydon. Waited 12 hours for Xray for broken wrist, it was snapped in half.
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    Bedding - what do you use??

    I have to use straw as I'm allergic to nearly everthing else :D
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    Have just bought a new horse

    Oh he looks so lovely, am very envious :D. I'm sure you are going to have loads of fine with him xx
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    Do i look ok?

    You look fine, he is absolutely gorgeous. When you have grown out of him send him to me, I'm 5' 1" and he's just the right size for me :D
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    People, selfishness and am I the odd one out?

    I would have helped too, so does that make us both normal or odd? Some people just don't think
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    Poor mare and poor owner - so sad

    That is awful, must have been an shock for everyone. Thoughts to the owner and hugs for you. Hope you find what you are looking for xx