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    New grass - how long?

    how long do you have to wait until you can turn horses out in a re-sown a field?
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    help! how much for a Friesian X cob

    thanks :)
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    help! how much for a Friesian X cob

    thats fair enough i wanted your personal opinions so its not harsh. :) ischa my friend is looking for a pure bred one at the moment (she doesnt click with my boy) do you have advert i can forward to her?
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    help! how much for a Friesian X cob

    also, he has 1 white sock and a white star with snip on nose :)
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    help! how much for a Friesian X cob

    lady lala do you know where you saw the advert? it would be nice to see it.
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    help! how much for a Friesian X cob

    someone told me 2300 which i think is alot. he really is a sweetie but i know time are hard at the moment so not sure if people would be buying.
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    help! how much for a Friesian X cob

    i need to sell my boy but have no idea how much for. His details are: gelding, 4yrs, hacked out and schooled in field and gone over small jump. 14.1hh. Fairly quiet and willing to learn, nice temperment. not been in stable before and not shod (had trim though) He is not registered but up to...
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    How much is a 5 star vetting?

    I'm guessing £180. Anyone know?
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    Horsebox - how much for new ramp springs?

    any idea?? Its for a 3.5ton. Any comments most appreciated
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    what is your horsebox ramp flooring?

    Hi i'm sorting out my lorry ramp. What is your lorry ramp flooring? Also, how thick is it? thanks
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    Horseboxes for Hire - South - Nr Chichester

    Does anyone know of a rear facing horsebox that i can hire near chichester / Portsmouth area? I'm thinking of buy a rear facing but want to try my horse in one first!! <font color="purple"> </font>
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    Hartpury Announcement

    Our local newspaper - The Portsmouth News have a nice picture of Emma on front page today. Zara Phillips leads the tributes in the paper.
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    Argos selling horse stuff!

    Taking after Tesco i think!! Not sure if its a good thing for horse industry or not!
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    difference between oats and barley?

    in look? any distinctive differences? I'm having metal block and gotta hand in coursework tomo!