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    Each yard has its own way of working but yes, you can generally go and care for your horse when you're free. Just make the YO aware so that there's no miscommunication and your horse isn't forgotten. Prices are variable. On our yard, DIY is £30 per week and there is a price list for extra...
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    where do you

    Like some others I use a running bum bag. It's slim line but stretches to fit a phone and amazingly doesn't bang about when cantering.
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    Does Speying change dogs?

    No. Two of my bitch puppies were nervous, sensitive souls and the operation didn't change their personality. As they matured, they became less worried by life, but that was due to training and their environment. Essentially, the character traits they were born with were who they were, but as...
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    Do you think your horse loves you?

    Yes, but some do more than others. It probably sounds a bit cheesy to explain why but their actions and behaviours over the years have indicated that they do, just as cats, dogs and birds do. I never understand why some people think horses are incapable of experiencing love. Arguably, they...
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    Communication from a vet: don’t know what to make of it!

    Oh dear. I'd be slightly disturbed by the message and photos. I prefer vets to be compassionate but professional. Any vet using the term fur baby, would see me running for the door.
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    How many livery yards have closed in your area?

    I can't think of any yards that have closed locally. All the established yards are going strong and the equestrian centres are flourishing, despite the challenges over the last 18months. Our biggest problem is due to the council giving planning permission on green spaces which makes off road...
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    Gracie Spinks - RIP

    Utterly heartbreaking.
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    Fairfax Bridles

    I'm very tempted, my saddle and girth are made by fairfax. The sedgewick leather is beautiful. I don't actually need a new bridle but if I believed the marketing blurb, I'd buy one tomorrow. Sadly, from past experience, I'm a bit of a cynic now, so need a bit more evidence before commiting.
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    I need help ---Welfare issue.

    I've been in this position a few times and I totally empathise with you, its a horrible dilemma. My first port of call is to speak to the owner without being confrontational. Often, the initial reaction is denial, excuses and verbal aggression. It's normal when someone is called out. However, I...
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    New fangled girths - are they really worth the money

    Are you me ? :) I'm the marketing people's worst nightmare too. I usually get round to buying something after after it's been on the market for 20 years. However, after collaboration with the physio and saddler, I went for the Fairfax and it's doing a good job so far in that it's changed his...
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    New fangled girths - are they really worth the money

    I have a fairfax girth which is very nice and horse seems to appreciate it.
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    Livery yard routines

    There are 3 options for single horse owners on DIY. Pair up with another owner, pay for extra services or go on full livery, or buy another horse. When I moved to single horse ownership on DIY, it was more time consuming than having three horses, because I spent ages hanging around waiting for...
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    Mctimoney versus physio

    Physio every time. Not a vet physio, but a chartered physio. I never understand why people use alternatives for the same amount of money.
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    Permanent loan agreement dispute

    Her aggressive reaction to the end of the loan is an indicator that your horse is better off returning to you. Keep your documents in order. The contract, emails and screenshots, along with records of your own vet examining the horse. If she makes a claim in the small claims court, she will...
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    Lurcher puppy coming home with me tomorrow!

    What a dear boy and such an expressive face. He's gorgeous.