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    Edgemere Equestrian

    Delighted with Edgemeres customer service. I placed an order and after 10 days, I rang to see when the item would arrive. Felt a bit daft when Tom told me he'd left a voice mail for me, 9 days earlier, saying that the item wasn't in stock and would I like a much more expensive upgrade at no...
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    Can anyone recomend a free speech horse forum ?

    I think HHO is fairly relaxed until posters start getting carried away. Anyone remember when BHS society had a forum ? If my memory serves me well, it shut down because troublesome posters just wouldn't stop. It would be a shame to lose this forum, but in these days of litigation and the...
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    Association of Police and Crime Commissioners - Dog Theft Survey

    Done. While I'm not personally too worried, I think stealing a much loved member of the family is an awful crime and the justice system needs to come into the 21st century to reflect the gravity of the crime. I think that puppy prices should be capped and that the value of an adult dog should...
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    No photo, didn't happen:) Have to say, my farrier is pretty gorgeous too. Makes those cold winter days a bit brighter. He does speak English which is a bonus when discussing any issues though.
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    I can’t move, there’s a collie on the sofa

    Dear girl. Prepare yourself for a long night and a dead leg.
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    Are WB’s wimps?

    The DWB and Hanoverian mares I've had have been tough cookies with a no nonsense work ethic. Certainly not wimps.
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    Re-adjusting my expectations as a horse owner

    I think that's life as a horse owner. I'd count myself lucky if my one riding horse was in work throughout it's whole life. At one time I had one retired through injury, one semi retired and only able to do short light hacks and a third horse that was a filly. Even when you're able to afford...
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    Curiousity- How long do you walk your dog for without offering water?

    In winter, a couple of hours or so. In summer, in an unfamiliar area, I always carry water in case there isn't an accessible stream.
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    Hay Prices

    4' hay or haylage bales delivered for £25. He comes twice a week. Other supplier cones daily with small hay bales for £3.50. Price hasn't gone up on the small bales for the last 6 years.
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    If someone you knew

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    Bones - warning

    How sad. Same happened to a dog of mine with a bone from a feed store. Fortunately, the vets were able to remove part of her intestines and she survived. That was nearly 20 years ago and I've never bought a knuckle or roasted bone since.
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    Call the vet to examine horses with possible symptoms and if vet thinks it's a possibility, blood test horses affected, isolate immediately and start yard infection control policy while awaiting results. Ps. I wouldn't test the whole yard until strangles was confirmed, but any movement to and...
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    Rest in Peace my beautiful boy

    So sorry for your loss. What a devastating blow. Hope you and your other horse are ok x
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    Equine superstore

    I saw the rug I wanted last night on the site, but dithered for too long. It's gone this morning. Probably just as well....
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    Churchill ad dog

    Brilliant. We had a collieX lab that loved slides and roundabouts. He'd run up the steps of the tallest slide and whizz down. This was back in the days before playgrounds were fenced off to keep dogs out. The dear boy thought he was one of our kids. He also learnt how to surf.