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    Mobile Phone App for Stable Management

    The beauty of the Stablemate app was it did everything discussed as a ?want? on here, you could set each horse up, then input these things, and it was completely free.... on that basis I?d personally begrudge paying for a subscription, but would probably actually buy the app in the first place...
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    Mobile Phone App for Stable Management

    I used to have the Stablemate app and loved it! Was gutted when it stopped working, could log farrier, vet, dentist, worming etc and it you could set reminders to book the next appointment which was great for me as I'm so disorganised! It was made by the people who make the equest wormers so it...
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    Summer...ID bought unseen from Ireland...

    Our RS has had two off Gerty unseen (I'm fairly sure the same one!) and both have been lovely sorts, although the 4 y/o was a lot greener than expected(read wasn't keen on being mounted, had a tendency to shoot off at speed if you so much as took a stride out of balance) but not a nasty bone...
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    noble outfitter tights size help

    I'd say L - or if you're small round the waist then even a M. I'm a size 12 and in a S, as the M are too big around the waist
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    Volkswagen Lt35 Horsebox

    Oh that a fantastic idea re the VW group, thank you!! And to everyone for your advice, much appreciated
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    Volkswagen Lt35 Horsebox

    thank you all for your thoughts! :) have asked seller if it can be taken it to a weighbridge, however the idea of taking it whilst on test drive is not one I had thought of and is a really good idea, thank you :) I only need enough to take my 15.2 welshie (plus all equip obviously) but she's...
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    Volkswagen Lt35 Horsebox

    Hi all, Appreciate that 3.5 horsebox threads have been done to death, and I have been using the search facility to find out as much as possible, however most threads about this particular model seem to be a few years old and I could do with checking for some current thinking on them :) In...
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    Yard Glove Recommendations ?

    I've got some of these and absolutely love them! Really warm, and not too bulky I even manage to ride in them when its really cold! just seen they're in the sale so might buy myself a spare pair! :)
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    Has anyone got any riding rights?

    Absolutely love my Noble Outfitters tights! Bought a pair at equifest and haven't looked back! Won't wear 'normal' jods anymore :P
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    Horse Rugging Questionnaire

    Done 😊
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    Do you have a visiting Robin at the yard?

    I have one that seems to hang about my mares stable, often pops in to pick up any of her tea she's dropped :)
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    Antill saddles?? I think this was the thread, might be useful for you
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    Antill saddles??

    Probably not that helpful really, but I had one a couple of years ago to back my mare in, I loved it, was really comfy and really good quality, was gutted when I had to sell :( I think you have to be careful though as they stopped making saddles and someone else is using the name to create...
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    Alternatives to mane pulling

    Thank you everyone :) I've been out and bought myself a rake today, will see how I get on with it! We aren't going out to parties anytime soon so if I can't plait it's not the end of the world for now :) Sounds like a lot of you use scissors too, so might have to practice a bit with them
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    Alternatives to mane pulling

    Ooh the rakes sound really good, I wouldn't trust myself with razor blades! Half her mane is really thick and the rest is fairly average if there is such a thing, so the ability to chose between just shortening and shortening and thinning is appealing! Twitching isn't really an option as I'm...