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    Would you and do you turn out on rough frozen ground?

    As title and at 7am? New livery arrived on the understanding that we are on slightly restricted turnout due to wet winter but promised 3-4 hours per day and offered to do the turning out and getting in for her for her for free. Arrived Saturday pm, we discussed turnout and I suggested she...
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    Olympia 2017 - The Chilean Huasos - thoughts?

    I was lucky enough to have a stables pass yesterday afternoon during the interval and I saw all the horses from the display going back to their stables, my daughter was allowed to pat one much to her joy! They past within 2 feet of me, they all looked fabulous, the only marks I could see was a...
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    DIY Price Per Week in South West?

    Please could you all be very kind and give me an idea of what you pay per stable plus extra facilities like turnout, school, tack room, solarium, wash area etc? Trying to get an idea of prices mainly in the Salisbury area but happy to hear from further out too.
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    Horses and having children on yards....thoughts?

    My daughter has been coming to do the horses with me since she was in a pram. Once she started walking we had a rule that she sat on a bucket just outside my stable while I was mucking out, she wasn't allowed scooters or trikes or her bike as she got older unless there were no other horses in...
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    Can a pony have Cushings and EMS?

    I have an 11.2hh 15 year old Welsh Section who we bought recently for my daughter. He came with Metformin as we were told he had been tested for EMS 3 years ago and prescribed Metformin which helped. We had had him a week when I decided to test for cushings as he was drinking excessively, was...
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    Price difference between DIY, part and assisted livery

    I think from reading the op, it says that the current yard doesn't offer anything other than DIY and that they would like to stay on that yard ideally.
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    Jumping and losing the plot

    The trick there is to be like me and unable to get on again without the aid of a mountng block or handily placed gate. Does wonders for the stoicism!
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    The house is so empty tonight

    I'm so sorry, it is so hard losing any animal and I as a Siamese owner (although she sees it that she is an owner of a human) know what huge characters they are and can imagine the awful silence in the house today. Do hope you feel better soon.
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    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    Thank you everyone, I know it was the right thing to do, he was just beginning to deteriorate but still looked well and happy thank goodness. He was a true gent who was charming and kind, he will be very sorely missed.
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    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    He is gone, feels like my heart has gone with him.
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    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    Treatment for cyst would be GA and drill into nasal passage, wouldn't cure it but would give him more air through it. Essentially, he has at most a year before the infection eats through his bone. Please just believe me when I say he would utterly heartbroken to be turned out as a field...
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    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    Owner would have pts ages ago, not at all sentimental.
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    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    That actually sums it up very well, thank you.
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    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    He hates being out, it is frankly his idea of hell. Despite the nicest field in the world this spring he looked very hopeful everyday when I went to see him that I had brought the lorry. I'm afraid this is my feeling too, despite the vets saying they have the capacity to cope, I just can't...
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    Horse with blocked nasal passage WWYD?

    Long, long and very expensive story but cut short, last September my very precious old man had to have 2 upper back teeth removed as one was rotten and the other fractured. Surgeon rang me during removal to warn that removing both (fractured one hadn't shown on x-ray) could make healing tricky...