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    Advice needed

    I'd definitely be more concerned about the back end mobility issues at this point, maybe see if a change in drug regime for the arthritis makes a difference and if it does re think the op but if you can't manage the arthritis or the vet thinks that the prognosis is poor then I would say PTS...
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    Help- passed 5*vetting with shiver ‘of no clinical significance’

    If you've never heard of shivers, the vet whose advice / opinion you asked as you aren't aware of this condition was to pretty much dismiss it as insignificant why we you feel the need to ask him (or Google) further questions?
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    Allergies in dogs

    Could there be something in the house or the garden that they are getting repeat exposure to hence symptoms fade when not exposed and on anti inflammatory or anti allergy meds (cough could be inflamed airways) but then dog is exposed again so symptoms return?
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    Hoof care on dry tracks

    Thanks guys will just leave her be and see how it goes then, interesting point about olive oil though TriStar
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    Hoof care on dry tracks

    In the past when it has occasionally happened yes it's been the toes as she has had some sudden hoof growth and needed trimming, just wondering if I needed to be concerned given how dry they will always be now.
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    Pointy ears HELP!!

    Just too cute 😍
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    Why do people buy dogs with potential welfare problems related to extreme conformation and inherited disease?

    I think the issue is that breeds that were fit for purpose (mostly) have been distorted to fit a fashionable trend of what the dog now should look like and these changes pretty much always seem to be at the detriment of the dog. People buy them because they don't know any better, they don't care...
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    Hoof care on dry tracks

    So my mare has just moved to a track system livery, it's bare earth track with some grass verges and hedging / nettles etc to nibble on but her main food source is the ad lib hay. She's very overweight so this seemed the best option to manage this but I'm wondering about whether I need to add...
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    What can I do?

    OMG just found this thread, I can't believe it was that long ago that I met this boy. We did finally get there with the owner and she took over walking him twice a day (very early and late so as to avoid people initially), she came on some longer walks with us on the odd weekend so we could take...
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    Bringing on an ex racer to jump?

    My ex racer was also a hurdler, she came with a few mental and physical issues so we spent 12 months just cracking the basics in her flat work, then another 6-8 months improving that before we moved onto jumping, I'd say that break from jumping and time spent flat schooling really changed how...
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    Diabetic dog….

    So sorry for your loss x
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    Wwyd - moving yards (grazing)

    I took a few days to think about the place, decided it was worth giving it a go but the space had gone the day after I saw it so looks like I'm going to have to take the financial hit and go to the track livery as she has now been moved onto even more lush grazing so feel like I've run out of...
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    Wwyd - moving yards (grazing)

    The paddocks are as big as any she would have if put on individual turnout so it's definitely better than that option, it's just the ideal would be a bigger, sloping field of poor grazing with a small herd of retired natives, that doesn't seem to exist do I just bite the bullet and go for just...
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    Wwyd - moving yards (grazing)

    She had individual turnout at the previous yard for the reasons that you stated and she was fine but she is clearly happier now in her herd so I know that's not a compromise I'm willing to make this time, I already feel bad knowing how much she will hate me for taking her away from so much food...
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    Wwyd - moving yards (grazing)

    That's exactly what I want but couldn't find it last year and hoped that the extra horses and bigger fields at the current place would compensate for the improved grazing but sadly not. I think I just need impartial opinions on what I can compromise on as I'm going round in circles and driving...