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    Just heartbreaking

    But you can only help so many with out bankrupting yourself, I have 6 horses so can only send what I sometimes have spare, but have a big vet bill on the way so no I don't look at these charities anymore
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    So tired....

    laundry put in each morning before you go out, food shop order in, sounds like you are run down mentally and pyshically can you get a week-end away go spoil yourself. You don't have to accept this is your life can always get rid of horse or dogs. Just pick out stuff that can be put on the...
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    At Wit's End...

    Just invite them over for a weeks holiday Richard, that way it will get your horse sorted. :)
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    I have a young gelding who is now 5 years old and have had him since 4 months old, we had him gelded at 3 as his second testicle didn't descend, and he went for op. we have noticed over the years that he has become fixated on our next door neighbours gelding which we use to laugh at. But I have...
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    Ballcocks and other sweary words... Not sure what to do now

    Timothy haylage very small sugar content, healthy hooves no molasses and no added sugar. I use to soak my hay but the sugar content was still high even after soaking overnight. She's gone from 305kg to 230 kg in a year and measured her today and she's staying at that weight even thou I'm letting...
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    Very small children on a livery yard - driving me mad.

    Have a word with the YO as these children are far to young to be running round horses loose, as you said one step from your horse could do a lot of damage to young bones and it is inconsiderate of the parents for not supervising them
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    Sick to death!!

    Metformin you start off with high dosage + blood tests and as the blood test get better the dosage goes down mine from 20 tabs per day she's down to 4 blood test twice a year £40 for 500 but it does work for my mare. Makes you wonder just how many fat ponies and cobs out there have ems as my...
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    Am I right to think this is rude?

    Anybody think that this post is a windup :)
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    Sick to death!!

    Timothy haylage has less sugar than soaked hay and my mare enjoys eating it, my vet said she was allowed 41/2kg of haylage but the more she grazed the less haylage at night and it does seem to work she's gone from 305kg to 230kg + she has winergy low energy and healthy hooves sugarless for her...
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    Sick to death!!

    My welsh sec a has ems, and it's taken a year to get her weight down. she's on metformin 4 tablets a day she goes out during the day but in at night with a little timothy haylage and touch wood doing ok, am hoping to strip graze her on another paddock as the one she's in needs to be rested as a...
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    Horses behavour, im at a loss, any ideas??

    Blood test and have a really good look at you are feeding him
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    Anyone know what these are?

    it could be ringworm if the skin was flaky
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    Foot abscess - ***Gory pic warning*** (also in V&HC)

    Cricky she must have been in a lot of pain, so glad your vet and farrier have gotten it sorted