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    Flexor competition breeches for dressage!

    I used to wear beige breeches and a tweed jacket and tie when I did BD at prelim and novice and from elementary on I wore either my black or blue jacket with matching hat (depending on the weather as my blue jacket is a lot lighter to wear) and pale cream breeches. Most people do wear white...
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    Laminitis nightmare 😢

    If it is laminitis then unfortunately box rest with a deep bed all the way to the door is best for him. Has your vet advised giving bute / sedalin / padding ? In your shoes I would want the vet up for confirmation if it is laminitis rather than bruising. Given your horse's age I would...
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    Looking for the unicorn (breeches)

    Go up a size on your Pikeurs? I am fan of both Pikeur and Cavallo.
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    LeMieux mesh pads- thoughts?

    I have got them in dressage squares and they seem to come up a bit short and always seem to slip back. I have got the close contact and the jumping ones that they seem to sit better. The horses do seem to be a bit less sweaty under these pads than their normal ones but I am now blown away by...
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    Leg support when travelling

    Speak to your vet to see if they recommend anything although I would suspect that the advise would be to not put anything on. Other than ice boots I don't know what you could put on a horse's legs to keep them cool.
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    What is this? An abscess?

    My yearling had an abscess some years ago and his leg swelled up so much it looked like he had completely blown his tendon. Sometimes an abscess can grumble on for a while and they can come sound and go lame again depending on where the infection is sitting.
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    Cushing owners

    Mine was chaser clipped in the winter as he was out of work but sweating on his chest. Normally he is fully clipped out in winter. He wasn’t losing his coat so I clipped all his body and neck a couple of weeks ago as he was back in work and getting sweaty. The hair on his legs is finally at...
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    Making sure horse has 24/7 access to food in the stable?

    My understanding is that a horse can go 4 to 5 hours without eating without ulcers being an issue. Weight loss for an overweight horse would trump constant access to forage for me. I would leave a trug with something like Topchop Zero if you are worried.
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    How many competition breeches/jods do you own ?

    Waaaay more than I need! i would work on the basis of a clean pair for each day.
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    walking fresh horse on rehab

    With one of mine who could be quite spicy it was hat, gloves, good boots, bridle with extra long lead rope. Always walked him on the tarmac as I once tried leading him in the school and he just bogged off. He was one that did well with some Sedalin 45 minutes before walking him. I don’t give...
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    Spot spraying ragwort / grazing ?

    No, I would not be happy. My understanding is that if spraying you should keep horses off the field for three weeks so that the ragwort properly dies down and disintegrates.
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    Do you insure your youngster?

    I insured all my foals from 30 days old with NFU - never underestimate a youngsters ability to injure themselves
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    A 'which yard' thread

    Definitely A It sounds like the only thing really going for B is the hacking but it also has some significant negatives.
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    Polo helmets!

    You could try the goggles that Laura Collet rides in
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    Would you

    I have always ridden the horse for a saddle fitting when getting a new saddle - I would want to be sure that both the horse and I were comfortable and that it fitted. If it was just a saddle check for an existing saddle that the fitter had seen previously I wouldn't be worried about not riding...