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    Girth sores/ girth galls... wonder treatments

    Another vote for Wonder Gel - it does what is says on the label :)
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    Help asking questions about a potential viewing

    All the above plus: Does the horse have any vices? Has the horse been seen to head shake? (got caught out on this one once when buying late autumn but found it out in the following spring) Does the horse have sweetitch? If there are any health/behavioural issues that would be a deal breaker...
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    Dressage instructors in Central Scotland

    another vote for Diana Zajda
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    Insurance help

    loss of use is usually an add-on optional extra - for which you will pay a LOT of money and probably never get a pay out for. Most policies are for loss of horse (ie. death) if it meets BEVA guidelines and you can add on extras like vet cover etc. I am with NFU who do a break down of what...
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    5 stage vetting for 2 Year Old???

    I changed insurers to NFU for my filly when she was two years old having bought her for £7k as a foal. The initially said they needed a 5 stage vetting but my vet agreed that was ridiculous and spoke to them. They accepted a two stage with full disclosure on her previous vet history which was...
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    Feed advice

    Being overweight would certainly lead to a lack of 'oomph'. To get weight off you need to get their heart rate up when being exercised so a sustained period of trotting and/or cantering- just walking doesn't do it. I agree with TPO that what you describe is light work. Back in the day our...
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    Weight of rugs

    It really does depend on the horse. Mine and fully clipped in winter and out during the day and in at night. One of them never seems to need more than 100g whereas another can be in a 300g. Like the others have said, I used a good outer and then have different weight liners to mix and match...
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    Queues at Blenheim

    The only time I remember really bad queues was when they were running the European Championships some years back. Might be busier than usual this year due to the lack of the big spectator events like Badminton and Burghley.
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    And I'll look for a Weatherbeeta Taka on ebay, shame they have discontinued it. What size are you looking for?
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    I like Lister
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    Yearling and farrier issues

    I've had a few foals over the years and haven't had behaviour as dramatic as you but even though they had had their feet picked up regularly as foals and saw the farrier every six weeks they would still often either try to fall onto their knees or leap through the person holding the leg up - I...
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    Buying youngster for pro to produce

    If you do go for it get a very good contract in place. I think putting the horse on youngstock livery is a very good suggestion. Do just remember though that excellent breeding does not always - in fact rarely - make a superstar.
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    Poorly horse this evening

    A horse on a yard that I was at years ago was very, very allergic to wasp stings and very nearly died after being stung but fortunately the vet practice was only 5 minutes up the road so they were there very quickly. Hope Merlin continues to receover
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    Turnout rugs with belly flap

    I've got the older Weatherbeeta Taka rugs which have decent sized belly flaps
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    Am I too tall?

    To me you look at little tall but certainly not too heavy on him but then again I am 5'8" and used to ride my daughter's 14:2 all the time as he was so much fun :) I also used to ride my 13:2 when I was this height as a teenager