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    Where do you keep your keys??

    Hide them somewhere, hope you spot a friend with helpful other half in tow or last resort beg the poor secretary to hold onto them for half an hour!
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    Vet recommendations in w/Sussex / surrey area

    There's a lot of choice round here. Most yards use a combination of Mayes and scrine or/and shotter and Byers as their vets. I really rate Alister Mcvicar for vettings, old school vet who will explain any findings to you from all angles so you can make up your own mind.
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    Feeling disheartened!

    I agree with festive fuzz, why would anyone give up their horse for summer when evenings are light, horses cheaper to keep and better weather. They'd then have all the chores and cost back for winter, let alone trying to find a stable at that time if year when everyone is wanting to bring their...
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    When do you swap your horses round

    We're on sand, ours turned around 3 weeks ago. I've just swapped my mare back to in at night though as the grass is too sugary and has upset her gut again.
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    Slightly concerned

    How did you teach her? my mare won't go at stay away days or shows either!
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    Carrot stretch routine?

    With mine I was told down in front where you would place a feed bowl, then toes, fetlock, knees and chest. Then we do round to knees on both sides and then round to just below the shoulder both sides. I do all twice and finish with the feed bowl one. She then has 20minsof walk work long and low...
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    Tips for getting antibiotics into horse

    Squash! As in fruit squash. They still don't like it but makes it a bit better. I'll get shot down in flames for this but if they're really bad grab the nose like a twitch syringe it in job done. Much easier than struggling holding a headcollar or getting thrown off the floor!
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    Tips for getting antibiotics into horse

    We have one like this at the moment, I've resorted to Syringing it in three doses
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    Horsey item you can't live without but hardly anyone else has?

    A grooming kit! People always comment how clean and shiny my pony is. They ask what on earth do I do to keep my ponies so clean. the answer is a full groom every other day and a curry comb and body brush on the other - simples! you'd be suprised how many people don't know how to full groom a...
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    Fairfax girth alternatives... (Not small enough)

    Message Fairfax, they hand make them so may be able to make you a smaller one. It's worth a try!
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    Help...Prolite girth problems

    They should replace it as long as you have proof of purchase or they will mend. Failing that a saddler should be able to pop one on for you.
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    Full Livery - bucket feeds

    The yard I'm on offers mollichop, hifi, own brand nuts or own brand mix. You can pay extra for Alfa A oil. I use none of this! I have Alfa a molasses free and Bailey's lo cal balancer. I have to suck it up :( which at £510 soon to be £525 for part livery (muck out, hay and rug change) I find...
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    Choosing a bit is confusIng, Help

    Well that's confusing and conflicting advise! A gag like a universal will raise the head, a pelham or kimblewick will lower the head and work on the bars. The turtle top works across the whole of the tongue. What is your horse doing that you want to change? If the head needs to come up and...
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    Trouble washing wool numnahs

    Human hair conditioner does the job!
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    How many poos?

    14.1hh mare does 8-12 a night! In at 3pm, out at 8:30am