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    Can Cushings go into remission?

    I had a vet try and diagnose a yearling with cushings. He had fallen over in the field and was lame behind but also walking shuffly in front. I made mistake of saying to vet 'hes walking like a lamintic would in front, lame behind and has fallen over' (the falling over is what caused injuries)...
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    I gave my riding school loan back today...

    Lovely happy smile there, enjoy your new boy xx
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    Place your bets...

    I liked the bright ginge 😁
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    Shetland rehoming?

    Thanks for all the links above I'm looking into them all. Wishfilly a wanted ad is the next step, I'd rather go through an official charity so the option of returning is available but as mentioned above I've never returned or sold on a single horse I've owned so pretty certain even if the...
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    Shetland rehoming?

    Sadly no where near mini munchkins :(
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    Shetland rehoming?

    I may be in need of a companion to keep my standard shetland company. The shetland will want for nothing, live on a mini track with shelter in summer and mud free turn out in winter as well as having its own stable. It will be weighed every 3 months by independent nutritionist and see farrier...
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    Have one and love it. Couldn't keep a treed saddle straight on my cob but no problems at all in solutions eventer saddle. Pony sees physio every 3 months and never any problems with her back
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    Would you get your horse stuffed?

    That's is both an incredibly sweet and extremely creepy thing to do. I guess Brian's heart was in the right place but pretty sure I'd have reacted the way same as his girlfriend 😳
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    Would you get your horse stuffed?

    This story has actually really upset me, whereas no I don't think I'd ever want one of mine stuffed, the thought of seeing my beloved gingerface whole and complete again has made me sob and sob. As it is she's chilling in the kitchen with a couple of my dogs while I try and work out what in...
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    How to travel a Shetland in a trailer

    Ahem....shetland? New baby brother for Bog and Bear?
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    Field to 5k

    I take my shetland for walks on a string, I have two friends that bring their ponies along on strings when am riding too 🤗
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    I touched a rat!!!!!

    Many moons ago I lived in New York state. I was an 'exchange student' at an equestrian centre that was closing down so the house we all lived in was not in the best nick and no one was inclined to do anything about it. We 'students' lived in one side and the yard manger and husband in the other...
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    Vetting (fun)

    I am lame in both legs but lamer in one than the other so wouldn't even pass the walk stage let alone trot up 😂
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    Need ideas for names...!

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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    Well I suppose a whole forum of Rigsby fans makes up for a it a little but even so, he is very loveable 😊