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    Mud control mats and slipping

    Sand over the top as per instructions on ordering or I'm my case let the grass grow through ☺️
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    Is this saddle dressage legal?

    I have a solutions dressage saddle for sale if you are interested I'll send you the details ☺️
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    HHO's "Bear" project pony...

    But the real question she keeping the name Bear? What a lovely ending to yours and Bears story 🤗
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    Should I get the cat?

    I have 8 cats, briefly went down to 7 but found a new kitten pretty quickly, this time last year I had 9.5, there is the odd grumble but they tend to ignore each other TBH ☺️
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    Is there a way to 'manage' rubber mats to minimise them getting icky underneath?

    What mats do you have? I have green Equimats, 20mm and 28mm and don't notice any smell and when I've lifted them they aren't grim underneath? I use aquamax bedding on the top, not very thick this time of year and my muck heap is ace, the well rotted stuff (4 years plus) is better than shop...
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    Who remembers the Caroline Akrill 'Eventer's Dream' trilogy.... there's a NEW 4th book!

    Finished it 😁 no spoilers but sobbed all the way through 😁
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    Who remembers the Caroline Akrill 'Eventer's Dream' trilogy.... there's a NEW 4th book!

    Coming out on Kindle in 2023. Mines just arrived 😁
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    Who remembers the Caroline Akrill 'Eventer's Dream' trilogy.... there's a NEW 4th book!

    So excited to get mine tomorrow 😁😁😁
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    Alternatives to Selsun shampoo for itchy horses

    Have had great success with using Selsun shampoo for itchy horses this year, I've also used Nizoral on the less itchy ones which has helped with generic bum itching, but seems Selsun (the 2.5% stuff not the blue) is in very short supply and swapping hands for stupid prices (89.99 anyone?) So has...
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    Spillers gro and win

    I used it with both home breds, IRC it has higher protein in it for growth etc than normal balancer so where it wouldn't do any harm to feed it after 2 you are effectively spending money on something the feed companies don't think you need at this point. Spillers helpline is very good, give them...
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    Dum Dum is growing up!

    He is a handsome little chap 😍 I had a rubbish foal, kept trying to die but wasn't a dummy 10 years ago, he was so small he could walk under his 13.3hh mum, he's now nearly 15hh so Dum Dum might surprise you yet 😁
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    Reviews for mobile shelters.

    I have a static stable block from them and my neighbour a block of mobile stables, lovely company to deal with and stables still look great 8 years on ☺️
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    Cob fit but fat- help!

    I recently sent two of mine swimming for two weeks, they both lost over 30kgs, now have visible ribs and are a lot fitter, they will also have had their metabolism kick started with all the extra excercise. I've tried everything before, track systems, hay soaking, mixing hay with straw, muzzles...
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    The Occasional Dave Part 2.

    Not one of us is shocked at Dave's success, he's exceptionally handsome 😍