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    Reproofing stables with back pack sprayer?

    Oh wow thats fancy GinaGeo!
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    Reproofing stables with back pack sprayer?

    Did you use hand held or knapsack sprayer?
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    Reproofing stables with back pack sprayer?

    Morning, Am very short, and stables need re doing with stablecoat woodstain stuff. On their website it mentions using a back pack sprayer to apply......has anyone tried this rather than using a brush? I'd have to spend a lot of time up a ladder to do it with a brush and sounds so easy just...
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    Anyone else clipped already?!

    Yep clipped Cobbler on Monday :).
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    Field with oak trees - manageable or not?

    I have a few and tend to leave those bits of field till had a few frosts or have raked them up. Lovely trees and great for shade. Also acorns fall straight down so easy to gather them up.
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    Does your horse have any endearing or odd habits?

    One of mine woofles whenever I move the horsebox go in or out in the horsebox or a 3.5 ton delivery van arrives with our shopping. It's quite sad as I think she is expecting her mum to come out of it :(
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    Covid affecting 2021 fixtures A lot of the figures such as current no of hospitalised are on this website
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    HHO's "Bear" project pony...

    Like he was ever going anywhere 😁
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    Are there any EVA stable mats that don’t stretch,please?

    The green equimats are good. They don't expand as much as pure EVA ones and they will cut them to fit before sending but make sure when measuring that you leave an expansion gap :)
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    3.5t recommendations please!

    Racemaster are very strong and well built but not fancy so not hugely expensive but very safe :)
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    What happened next...?

    The Queen?
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    Should I buy a Shetland?

    How many do you reckon I could shove in the back of a 3.5 ton lorry with partition out the way? My shetland would love a few mates that she could be queen of 😂😍 ETA yes of course you should get a shetland OP. I'll get my pony to send it her complete works. Latest Book 'A shetland ponies guide...
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    Pictures What would you name this horse?

    Chromatic love affair or Hollywood Hangover
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    Looking for photos to practie editing

    I posted one of my cob a while ago to see if anyone could photoshop her mane and feathers out so I could see what she would look like hogged etc, I can send you those if that's the sort of thing you are looking for?
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    The grey cob with the big head has turned up :)

    Ahhh I know where he has gone through friends of friends and he has gone to a lovely place. Yay for the big handsome fella 😍