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    Jalex Flex?

    Has anyone heard or used this joint supplement please, it looks good and I thought Iight try it but there is nothing on the Web??
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    Burghley Tickets Where?

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    Burghley Tickets Where?

    There's 4 of us that are car sharing and will want to go on the xc day which I think is the Saturday? What is the best way to buy tickets do you think, as I'll be buying all 4 and the parking too in advance. TIA.
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    Good hacking in Derbyshire Dales / Staffordshire???

    Parking is in the reservoir, it was £2 the last time we went. Fabulous hacking there. Think about joining Sport Endurance UK. Or there's other clubs too. We have rides most weekends and you don't have to be an endurance rider to do it, just enjoy your horse and riding in new places.
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    Fly Tipped Horses! Subject Discussion Jeremy Vine Today!

    As per the title. Let's see what the relevant bodies have to say, plus you can call in and have your say too. On in 10 minutes!
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    Horses out on bridleway - what to do?

    I always believed that if there is a barrier or obstacle, you have the right to go around it until you can safely return to the oath? Having said that though when faced with exactly the same situation as the OP, I've asked permission to use an alternative route with everyone's agreement, land...
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    Do you prefer riding in long boots or short boots?

    No ones mentioned safety, so I will. Having had a bad fall at gallop, if I hadn't of been wearing my long Ariats im convicted I would of suffered a badly broken ankle. As it was I thankfully only suffered a blackened and swollen one for 2 weeks instead! I was also able to get back on and ride...
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    Puppy neutering

    Because as a bitch owner myself I go by the rule if in season, she stays in till it's over. I grew up with this rule, it used to be taken for granted and as I've already said, bitches are the baby machines so if you don't want to be pestered or have a litter keep her at home or spay her......simples
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    Puppy neutering

    Sorry but I've never understood the rush to neuter? I've had dogs all my 57 years and have never felt the need? My dogs are allowed to be entire, I have never bred or had problems with sex crazed dogs racing around the country desperate to bitch?! If your daft enough to walk your bleeding in...
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    How much can a Welsh cob carry?

    They're all different, just like us. Trouble is we are to wrapped up with the thought of the fat girl squashing a poor pony when in effect there's many, many ponies out there in the world that are just to much for a kid or light rider, so they are relegated to nothing more than an unused field...
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    dog attack

    Some years ago I took in my sister's beautiful Doberman bitch who had a history of biting. She was a pretty dobe, really sweet and gentle with her family but would just attack a stranger. I thought as I'm "good" with animals that I could sort her out but ultimately we took 2 steps forward and 1...
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    Sending Away, Who Feels Guilty?

    Thank you all. I'm feeling surprisingly better this afternoon as I sit in front of the fire on such a miserable wet afternoon.
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    Update on my horse - we finally found his problem!

    7/8, is also the spotty stroppy Kevin the teenager phase in horses.
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    Sending Away, Who Feels Guilty?

    I'm sat here, it's late and I should really be in bed asleep, relaxed and relieved of all my worries as my pony went to his lovely loan home today, but I'm not. Instead I feel dreadful, I feel guilty and sad too!? As some of you know from my previous posts, I've badly broken and displaced my...