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    Mis-sold horse. Wondering if anyone could offer legal advice?

    I've not read all the replies. But my personal thoughts are - you didn't get horse vetted, you can't prove the dealer had any prior knowledge of the issue (would have flagged up had you had a vetting) and also if you send the horse back, it could be sold on. I'm afraid I'd be PTS and cutting...
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    Warning signs. Legal or illegal?

    I think you'd be extremely unfortunate to find a judge who would act against you.
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    Dealers in Cheshire - help!!!

    I've heard lots of good things about CodsNPlods and also Right Ride Horses.
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    Pricing a horse......

    I'd feel comfortable offering as low as 70% of the horses advertised price under usual circumstances. Definitely add a little on to the price to allow for bartering.
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    My obese horse

    Depending on how fat and depending on how hairy, I'd be stripping horsey off. But then again, I am cruel!
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    irresponsible horse owner

    We can give each other reputation points! If you look on the bottom left of posts there is now a star!
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    irresponsible horse owner

    I concur. Shall I use our new forum function to show that I approve?
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    irresponsible horse owner

    I don't buy it. But even if I did - her benefits are to do with as she pleases. And it still doesn't excuse you're lack of communication..
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    irresponsible horse owner

    You sound like a nightmare, OP
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    Katie price on mag cover

    So you're saying Katie Price doesn't have morals? Does she not meet the minimum moral criteria to appear on the cover of HHO?
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    Katie price on mag cover

    I hope she appears on the front cover topless just to knock a few of your noses out of joint. Hilarious that some people are so snobby and spiteful!
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    Tell me about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

    I think if you are to look objectively that any and every dog breed has it's list of problems. I think if you look carefully and find a dog with health tested parents, then you can't go too far wrong. Despite cavaliers being fairly prone as a breed to health issues, I will never be without one...
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    Tell me about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

    Lovely dogs. I have them and I have known plenty. Never met one that I didn't like. One of mine is about 10 now and is just as active as she was as a puppy despite always having a minor heart murmur. Mine have never had health problems except one who has had ear infections once or twice.. But...
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    Tack Shops around Manchester

    Robinsons, Hope Valley, Mares R Back. All in and around Manchester. Particularly recommend Hope Valley.
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    What are the most popular brands of saddles in the UK?

    All of the above. Plus I know a number of Whittaker and Heritage saddles.