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    Does this happen, surely not, Police Chief's turning a blind eye to illegal for hunting?

    I think its probably a combination of under staffing and lots of false witnesses from the anti's side. There is lots of fabricated evidence from the anti's side presented to the police (edited footage, false allegations etc.) that I imagine its difficult to determine when a situation is genuine...
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    Buying Unseen

    Twice. But both relatively inexpensive and unbroken. Don’t think I would buy a ridden horse unseen
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    Stiff Old Boy & supplements

    Sounds like you are doing everything right. I'd make sure you keep him warm, that really helps achy joints.
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    Just re-homed a dog and she has gone for my dog - am I over reacting??

    Our jealous snappy collie has now accepted the new addition but it took a while. We didnt fuss over them when they were in the same room and mostly kept them outside and not in small spaces. We did tell Lola a firm 'no' when she went for the other dog but didnt make a huge fuss about it. Now are...
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    Does your horse have any endearing or odd habits?

    I'm very much 'his' slave. His other habit is chasing the other horses away in the field when I'm giving him a scratch. Its like he is saying 'Go away, she's mine!'
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    Dog fight and bite

    I'd be making a pretty significant complaint whether there is a bite or not, totally unacceptable for the owner to allow his dog to attack yours. I'd be expecting profuse apologies from them, its really poor to allow that to even be a possibility
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    General question on weight limits

    I've worked at a number of riding schools in the US (all East Coast) and have to say I think the welfare standards are significantly lower, mainly through ignorance but I was shocked by the general standard of riding and teaching and what was considered normal. Some of the things I...
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    Does your horse have any endearing or odd habits?

    My boy won’t lift his head when you open the stable door, you have to lift it for him!
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    Eventing fans

    Really enjoying this. Thanks for the link!
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    Another loose dog incident at an event. Time to ban dogs?

    I think a fine would be easy to enforce at BE at least. The horse/rider who the dog is connected to would have their membership frozen until the fine is paid. Fine could be paid on day to organizer (who would report payment of fine) or after the event via BE website. No payment, no further...
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    Balancer with added joint or hoof support?

    I’ve just started one of mine on Robust Hoof. A week in and it’s already making a difference. Not with the hooves but also contains MSM which will be helping joints and horse is a lot more forward going. It’s very affordable but only downside is it is very powdery and I think it smells awful...
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    Taking horse back off loan

    I'd just add, that in contrast I have had a mare from a friend since January, mare was very unschooled ex-racer who came very green, nappy and unfit. I have quietly worked with her over summer and she is now going well and getting to a point where she could do a few low level competitions...
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    Taking horse back off loan

    I've done this in a similar situation. I loaned out my horse when I went to uni to a lovely pony club home. They adored him and daughter took him to all PC activities, camp, fun rides etc. When I had 6 months left of uni I found myself in the unexpected position to be able to keep him near me...
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    Equine mental health day - what would you expect

    I'd call it a wellbeing day rather than mental health day, there are lots of alternative therapies that you can encorporate. yoga, meditation, art therapy, dance therapy. I'd expect there to be some ridden aspect (for riders) and a non ridden aspect (grooming etc) maybe a relaxing hack or...