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    Accident/pretty shocking driving

    We have a sharp left at the top of my parents drive, but with camber to the right as the priorities were changed where it meets another road at an angle. My parents drive is straight on from the bend. The get 2 or 3 cars a year in the field by their drive who have misjudged the bend. We...
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    Accident/pretty shocking driving

    I don't see how it could as you hear of people being prosecuted BECAUSE of a video ---ie. Chloe Morgan.
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    Horse-riding can improve children's cognitive ability

    Strangely I have not found this with my daughter. I had hoped that she would have gained more from it.
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    Child safety stirrups - please help...

    No stirrup is fail safe. But bent leg are definitely the best option! My 3yr old ended up upside down and hanging last year as he slipped and got his foot stuck. These were 3.5" stirrups and size 9 (infant boots). Eldest insists on pitting so much foot through the stirrup if she does come...
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    MM arenas. Fiber is price to good to be true Any one used Please

    NEVER EVER USE THIS MM ARENAS COMPANY!! Latest info on them from creditor/supplier! !! UPDATE ON MM ARENAS !! !! ANDREW MACBETH !! MM ARENAS, NAIRN !! As shared previously, Mouse Valley Plant Ltd are owned 000's in unpaid hire invoices from Andrew MacBeth of MM Arenas, Nairn. This was taken...
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    YO's dog leaping up and snapping horses faces :(

    Yo needs to get the dog trained asap. Or one day dog will meet hoof and be no more!
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    Do PC ponies really cost that much?

    Our Sec Gelding is valued about 1.4k. He is 8, backed at 6 but hasn't done much. In the right hands and with a good rider and more schooling he would make a good PC pony in the right hands. He has quite the jump on him and if I had a fearless jockey, and the funds to finance pc or BS then he...
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    Advice required re taking Warfarin and riding/ horses.

    Nope and apparently I do not even have to tell my insurance company! Though life insurance is unafforable at over £100 a month. I have been told I must take anticoagulants for the rest of my life now. They wont change me to malarial drugs and I am now about to ask them to change me back to...
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    Bit guards?

    our sec a has bit rings as sometimes he and daughter disagree on the direction they are going and they keep the bit central. That is the only reason.
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    Apparently I Have Things The Wrong Way Round!

    I was at a yard where a kid had this expensive horse, expensive tack etc, went to a private school, but she seemed to like stealing other peoples feed!!!!
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    Bad clip

    Our pony was clipped about 3 weeks ago. He is out only in a lw as he is fat and already significant regrowth.
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    Any houses for sale Aberdeenshire?

    Having looked through the ASPC (Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre) website for a friend the other day I concur. anything 150k or there abouts with land will need a massive restoration most likely. To put into perspective, we have a 3 bed with a separate 2 story garage, no garden. Not been...
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    Saddle and a scar

    Make sure that you push for an ultrasound to confirm that the clot has gone! Mine did not go after the 3 months, and my still mild symptoms were brushed off and then a year of sedentary office work caused the clot to build again causing more damage and been told that they class it as 2...
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    Saddle and a scar

    I concur. Have they started you on them?? They really should have within mins of finding it out (well as soon as the pharmacy dished out the heparin!). I was not allowed to walk even 200m after they discovered my clot in the groin. Also cannot believe that they didn't give you the jabs if...
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    Considerate and helpful bus driver

    How nice. It sadly does seem rare that these people are encountered. A few years back I went with my friend to a competition and we were are a really nightmare junction, turning right across a dual carridgeway with a big horse in a trailer, not fun. We had been there nearly 10 mins till a big...