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    Should I call the vet?

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    Reality of a Second Horse?

    I have 6 :) Big horse is DIY assisted livery. Minis; I have two at home to drive, two youngsters to get show ready and one retired blob who just farts about getting in my way. Ill be honest in that my big boy get the most attention during winter, the driven ones get a little work to tick them...
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    Keep insuring - or not!?

    Ive never insured anything. hmm. Not sure on that. Injury is a chance, it can happen or it can not. Ive never insured any dog ever and the only time i have ever had to pay money was when my staffy was hit by a car and dislocated her hip. £500 later she came home. I dont think its quite fair to...
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    Making the call

    No idea. They were a young couple who had him as a pup, moved from holland with him, then as far as i am told they eventually had a kid and he was put outside. They put him in the kennel because they were moving house, then all of a sudden the new house didnt allow pets.. Ive had many kids...
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    Making the call

    He really was a beautiful dog. He was left at boarding kennels, owners booked him in and called at the end to say they were not coming back and to send him to the pound or pts. We took him (or rather mum took him...never know why cause she is NOT a dog/animal person..she just saw him and had to...
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    Weight wise...

    Has there been a reason for that or just lack of time/rider etc?
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    Tip to help balance

    Im a little confused, are you asking for tips for her balance or yours?
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    Alternatives to haybars??

    Does he have shoes? If not, use a net and secure the top of it with either a cable tie or something of the like and let him at it. I believe you can buy specific "hay pillows" but a simple smaller holed net will be fine just mean more finicky work. they tend to work out pretty fast to just...
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    Weight wise...

    I think in proper work he would not look as dramatically poor, the lack of muscle is very noticeable. Yes he probably could do with some weight, but at the same time he needs worked. His belly would go up more, back fill out, hind and neck fill out etc. He would need the proper feed to enable...
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    Locking stifle

    They do tend to grow out of it. I would not want to start him on mixes etc a balancer should be fine. Just continue with what you are doing, and teach yourself some good general leg/body massage and stretch techniques to use before and after work.
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    How to put weight on without fizzing up?

    Micronised linseed always worked for me. Didn't need to use it this year thankfully :D
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    Benefits of no stirrup work

    Actually, trot is the hardest one to sit to! I much prefer to do walk - canter without stirrups, the trot is the bit i can't do haha
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    Benefits of no stirrup work

    Its all about finding your seat bones and learning to relax your lower body whilst also balancing. When you take away the stirrups you fully understand how much you rely on them and sometimes in a negative way!
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    Bolting/Bucking Horse

    Silly me i read OP didnt look at the date and didn't even realize i had already commented haha! Just seen the update though, all sounds nice and positive :)
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    can a horse have colic and still poo

    Unfortunately yes. Pony at the yard was a bit off, YO asked my opinion as i happened to arrive just as they went into his stable, we both agreed to call vet immediately then owner. Pony in the mean time had pooed a normal poo but was still off and sweated up and eventually went down. He had a...