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    Feeling like you can't do a horse justice?

    Ime, it is often the most capable people who question their ability the most. If they didn’t think you were up to it they wouldn’t have offered! I hope you go for it and have a ball :)
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    Equitop Myoplast

    I have never noticed any effect from it. The yard has turned inside out since adding a dollop of oil to their feeds but honestly I don’t know what is suitable for a Cushings horse
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    What is a 'normal' age to lose a horse?

    My own horse was 15, suspected Marie’s disease and ongoing lameness. I’m a groom and we had a bad patch a couple of years ago. 4 - colic 9 - broken neck 24 - pts as couldn’t keep field sound 13 - dropped dead others I knew: 18 - colic 29 - found dead in field 32 - pts age related...
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    You have to *love* the equestrian work community

    Link? The Costa del Sol tour has been cancelled, afaik the Sunshine tour is still going. There are good employers out there, but stunts like Ellen’s sure do overshadow them 🙃🙃🙃
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    Badminton XC day

    Not at all, the stats would be really interesting!!
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    Badminton XC day

    Don't think he has much of a case really
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    Another question for grooms: what's your feeding system?

    Yes, that's basically what I do. Always in my ear to do individual buckets, "that was done in the past and it worked brilliantly" (apparently!) but it just doesn't work for me. I think it's just a job that will take a long time to do it right but I'm always interested in seeing if I can do it...
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    Another question for grooms: what's your feeding system?

    I'm trying to find ways to become more efficient at feeding the yard but I'm quickly running out of ideas, so I'm interested in hearing how other yards are run! When feeding by myself, it takes an hour on average (inc. mixing feed, steeping pulp, sweeping feed room, preparing lunch and field...
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    Brown Dressage Boots

    I second Celeris - fully custom, hard wearing and minimal breaking in! Definitely worth the money imo
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    Please fill me in on Irish horses Green ,Blue ,White books

    Yes, that's what you're looking for. Before HSI took over the passporting IHB was in the same building anyway so you're sorted :) re: the OP, I think the blue/white might depend on when it was issued. My 3 were foaled in the mid-90s, all unrecorded breeding, all blue passports. I first saw a...
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    Your best ever horse/tack/feeding/grooming/stable tips!

    This will be mostly from a show groom perspective, but it can be applied to everyone :) • On the topic of thin tails: I’ve personally found that the ‘don’t touch tails rule’ actually increases breakage. Avoid mane and tail sprays with silicone, and tease carefully with a plastic wide-toothed...
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    Bespoke riding boots

    Another vote for Celeris! I got mine two years ago and they are the comfiest boots I've ever worn, right from the get go. Mine are Diogo in light brown, so they're not suitable for competing obviously, but they are fantastic and are aging very well! They have an unbelievable amount of custom...
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    Cruising Clones

    Not only theoretically, but in reality that is happening - e.g. Gem Twist has Gemini and Murka's Gem (I think Gemini offspring will start to come through next year), E.T FRH has E.T Cryozootech, Tamarillo has Tomatillo, Rusty 47 has Rusty Clone 1 and Rusty Clone 2...I think I've made my thoughts...
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    Cruising Clones

    I'm too late to edit it into one of my earlier posts, but there's a nice little video about them here, by
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    Cruising Clones

    Sea Spray was Sea Crest's dam :)