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    My heart has ruled my head!

    I have a good friend who will be working with him.
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    My heart has ruled my head!

    TBH he does look better than when we viewed him on Saturday, the two days he had in the field at the dealers before coming home made quite a difference but as I said the photos are hiding quite a bit, his hips are really angular as are his withers and the sun reflecting off his coat seems to be...
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    My heart has ruled my head!

    Here he is naked! Both have been very settled and happy in the sun today. TBH the photos don't show the extent of his lack of condition well, in real life he looks worse.
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    My heart has ruled my head!

    His passport was a bit of a revelation too - Kildalton Gold and Master Imp in his pedigree.
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    My heart has ruled my head!

    Well, he's home! They both loaded and travelled well and seem to have settled fine. I was anxious not to fuss around with him too much but will get some pics without the rug tomorrow - he really is in a sorry state. The field they are in is being used to isolate them just now but I think she'll...
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    Whew, got away with that, poor Ludo.

    Poor boy, hope he feels better soon.
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    My heart has ruled my head!

    It was me! He is a star, doing really well with our competent clients - in other words doing the job he was bought for. A previous owner tracked him down and filled in some of his background which totally explains his one fault - his total fear of the farrier. Seemingly the person she bought him...
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    My heart has ruled my head!

    I'm picking him up tomorrow night so will try and get some pics on Tuesday.
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    My heart has ruled my head!

    I think I have may have done something stupid. I have been looking for a new RS horse for our bigger riders with little success. We travelled nearly 5 hours to view an ID last week that ditched the rider showing him to us and threatened to go up with me then another we were booked to see has...
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    Start box at BE

    Technically you can trot but not canter (canter is considered dangerous riding), although I suspect you're safer to walk in and teach your horse to make a walk to canter transition when the starter says go. Ideally, work out when in the starter's count down you need to enter the start box to...
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    Camping with trailer

    With hook ups you'll need a cable and special plug as they are designed to plug into lorries, a caravan shop should be able to help.
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    Eventing Eventing Aspirations

    I echo what others have said, it takes time, determination and money but it is possible. Obviously, you have a long way to go to get to where you aspire to be but every journey starts with a first step. As mentioned the long school holidays will be to your advantage and it's perfectly possible...
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    Horse shopping or any shopping come to that

    Glad it worked out. I'm looking for a very specific type with little sucess so far. Last weekend I dragged Mr EM nearly 5 hours to stay in a Premier Inn to view a horse the following day for the horse to ditch the rider showing him to us within the first few minutes and then threaten to rear...
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    Horsebox insurers and breakdown recommendations please!

    I had the most horrendous experience with SEIB which resulted in the pony being in transit for 21 hours, the rescue services couldn't have cared less and I ended up having to get a friend to travel to rescue us. I know they did change their breakdown service provider afterwards but it really put...