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    Build up muscle

    Ummm I'm sure I typed polework... Sigh...
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    Build up muscle

    Pipework, and lots of it :)
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    Supplements/Balancers Recommendation

    She gets 500g of the balancer and 1/2 scoop of cool mix, to carry it as she doesn't like chaffs and the balancer pellets are very small. A bit of water binds the two together so the balancer doesn't drop out.
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    Supplements/Balancers Recommendation

    My mare gets equilibra and half a scoop of mix, with water added to make it a little mushy. She lives out 24/7 and gets this once a day. She looks really good on it.
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    Blister type sores on mouth?

    My mare has swelling - which has now gone down, and sores on her lips.Pretty sure it's the buttercups, but can't change fields. Do they learn to stop eating them on there own?
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    Pointy hips

    My mare is similar, even at her heaviest, which would definitely be called fat, she has hip bones which poke out, about the size of half an orange each side. She's relatively fit, she could build up more behind and we are working on it, however I expect they will always be more pronounced than...
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    bringing in £

    £2.50, rugs and boot change extra
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    Calmsden first Be100? Or wait till next season?

    I could do BCA but I was hoping for one run at 90 prior to doing a 100. Is it a nice course? I'm pretty sure if we went to a 100 tommorow we'd get round safely, but want to make sure I don't over face us both. Hence lots of extra xc schooling to do first. Can you xc school at BCA?
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    Calmsden first Be100? Or wait till next season?

    Over ambitious then? whether its 90 or 100, I just can't wait to get out competing! :) Thanks guys, Calmsden doesn't seem to be talked about often, didn't know whether it was an easy or tough one. I had heard it was big but with few real questions? I think we'll stay at 90 though :)
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    Horse Mounting Tack Lockers - totally out of character

    Slightly different issue but my mare tries to put her feet on things in a rear facing lorry. Because of the risk of injury I never leave her in there when we're not moving. Its not worth the risk if she gets stuck. So I have someone stay with her tied up to the outside of the box. Only...
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    Feed for barefoot, thrush and working

    5.5% sugar in forage and fibre. I've requested a sample to see if the picky beast will eat it :)
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    Calmsden first Be100? Or wait till next season?

    Hi guys, I'm so pleased, I'll soon be the proud owner of my first ever horsebox! :) For one reason or another though I'm not going to be able to compete/event again until the end of September. To tide me through this gap, and the disappointment of missing a summer of competition I've been...
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    Feed for barefoot, thrush and working

    I don't want to rely on sugar beet as my mare is out 24/7 and I'm not always the one to feed her. The person who does is doing me a favour, they already have to stand around while she eats slowly, soaking time would take longer, I dont want to take advantage of their kindness and have them...
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    Red horse products

    I've just invested in the hoof stuff (for deep central succlus) and the veiled paste for my needy. So far, so good. How thickly do you guys apply the field paste?
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    Hacking on roads

    I'm not a happy hacker, I hack because its good for my beastie. Hacking on roads is beneficial for bone density and foot growth (shoeless) so for us its a must. I know horses can be unpredictable but I would say my mare is good with most vehicles on the road. Yes the worst could happen, but the...