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    Current market...

    I think it is tougher, I advertised my gelding before xmas and had loads of viewings but people were expecting a lot more for their money. I put him back on a week or so ago (horsequest) for slightly less and I have a second viewing today (think she is going to buy him). I did put him on for...
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    ***Weekend Plans***

    Today- have a lady coming back for second viewing of my horse, I think she is going to put down the deposit today so very sad :( Sat- Off to Dubai for the week so no riding for me :D
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    What mileage does your box have?

    I think my 3.5t has about 180,000 but it's a fab little box and I have been told it's quite normal for them to have such high mileages :)
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    How much do you pay for full livery?

    I am currently paying £820 per month for Full Livery! :eek: It is only a temporary arrangement and horse should be sold soon. It covers everything including exercise and the facilities are good but no amazing extras like gallop track or xc jumps. Hacking is great though and we are in such a...
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    is 15.3hh too small for me?

    My mum is 5'10 and has a 14.2 cob! She also only has a dressage saddle so her long legs are even more obvious! She doesn't actually look that bad on him! I'm sure you will be fine, I am 5'9 and had a 15.2 tb mare years ago who never felt small as she rode so big! :)
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    Thank you for all the replies! Rosiefan- I didn't know Frodo was by UD, from all your reports he sounded like a fab horse! Will definitely get in contact with Shirley, I haven't seen the horse yet but it's just nice to get a bit of info about the breeding etc. Thanks everyone :)
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    second / third / fourth? viewing

    I have only ever viewed horses once and it has always served me well up until I bought my gelding last year. He was not the one for me although has taught me a lot. My problem is that I always end up viewing horses 1.5/2 hours away which means second/third viewings with trainers etc is hard...
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    Bombproof Plod wanted...Sorry in advance This is a great website, I have found some great sharers through it when I advertised my horses. As other posters have mentioned, I'm sure there are plenty of owners that would appreciate the financial help and in return have a lovely horse to offer. Good...
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    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knew any Unbelievable Darco offspring, I am hopefully going to look at a gelding by him to event. Any thoughts/info would be very much appreciated, especially if anyone has any eventers by him :)
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    Parkview Equestrian, directly opposite Blacknest Gate entrance to the Park :)
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    Best way to sell a horse quick :(

    Well your horse sounds lovely and you can't really lower your price as I think that is extremely fair. It is just such a tough market, I put my gelding up for sale around October time (He has 19 BE points, 9 yrs old and won BS classes) I started at 10,000, then down to 9,000 and then had to...
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    Famous stallions' quirks

    Anyone have any info on 'No Complaints' as a Stallion? Mine is very sensitive to ride, the easiest horse to deal with on the ground but can be a bit nappy when ridden and needs a lot of confidence from the rider. Any info would be great, or on his half brother 'Up with the Lark'?
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    Getting back on after surgery

    I had to have knee surgery after my horse reared over on me, and whilst I should have been apprehensive getting back on said horse I was actually just so looking forward to riding again that I wasn't worried! My horse had been kept ticking over so wasn't going to be very fresh, I made sure I...
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    Am I way out on price? Why have I not had much interest in my schoolmaster?

    I don't think he's too expensive at all, the market is just very SLOW atm! Agree it would be a great idea to get someone to run him before the end of the season, maybe even an open PN to get a really good placing?
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    Anyone have a Welton bred horse??

    I had a Welton Mare who was extremely talented but it was actually her 'temperament' that held her back. She was lovely on the ground etc but just had this attitude that led to a dangerous rearing habit when she was pushed. I got her as a 7 year old and she had obviously been literally ruined by...