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    portable Horse showers

    Hippo are the best, by far the best customer service and really, you get what you pay for - it is a investment!
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    Thunderbrook Feeds - your thoughts & experiences please

    I have just seen them back on Facebook, advertising the Christmas stock of treats etc. Can't see any discussion of relocating though.
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    Good quality leather headcollar?

    I had a mare I needed to turn out in a head collar, she was chestnut and so thin skinned. I used the shires cushioned travel head collar - fairly sure I paid about £30'ish for it, link underneath (hope it works!)...
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    Deosect users

    Yes, my chestnut mare had an awful reaction to it. She came up in big swollen marks where the sponge had gone across her skin, it bubbled up and split which left open sores despite me bathing her to get it all off. The pain from it gave her colic, it was absolutely horrific and I would never...
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    Which trailer would you buy!?

    Cheval Liberté Touring country - Mine has the tack room too, I absolutely love it!
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    Extra hifi so i can conserve hay?

    If you avoid Rye grass mixes then haylege shouldn't cause you a problem. Timothy haylage is good for non heating.
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    Red Rufus - Agrobs Distributor

    This is exactly why I stopped ordering through RR, the communication was zero and that was a very long time before covid or Brexit! My local'ish feed shop stocks a very small selection of Agrobs, I get what I can there and mainly use Thunderbrooks instead.
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    LPG horse shower: Recommendations?

    Hippo are the best! Mine is probably my best horsey purchase. I echo what everyone else has said, make sure it is drained when the bad weather comes in otherwise the pipes freeze and break.
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    Worm counts

    Poopost! So quick, really good at replying and answering questions and competitively priced!
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    HELP !!! Frequent urinating, Anemia and colic.

    SO stressful for you! When my lad had a gassy colicky episode he was trying to wee a lot and the vet explained that it was the distended caecum and right dorsal that was creating pressure on the bladder.
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    Horsebox insurance

    I am with A Plan too, agree, they are fabulous!!
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    Hot Tap or Hippo!

    Neighbour! I am in Canvey :)
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    Hot Tap or Hippo!

    I have got a Hippo and I can hand on heart say it is my best horsey purchase, best shower I have used and I have borrowed and used a few different brands. Hippo is a small family business and they are absolutely fabulous to deal with for everything. As a side note, I am in Essex, whereabouts...
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    Newton Stud slurry death

    There are 3 sides to every story, your side, my side and the truth - in this case I suspect the truth will never be told. Very sad, I just can't imagine it.
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    What does a Tom Beech clinic involve?

    My clinic was cancelled due to the snow and poor conditions for all travelling to it, rescheduled for 17th Feb so I will update then.