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    what is yours scared of?

    Captain it depends on the day, sometimes he is scared of his shadow others he is a big brave lad, and is only scared of his robin, he is 21 soon and I kept hoping he'd grow out of his spookiness, it is getting late for that! Fany is scared of nothing, except empty feed buckets but that is...
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    Rare Breeds?

    You would have to go a long way to find a better tempered, gentler horse. She is a one in a million mare.
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    Rare Breeds?

    If it is C.L. with Carol and her daughters then yes. I am glad you are enjoying her, she has an amazing temperament and is a real sweetheart.
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    Rare Breeds?

    Indeed she is on loan to a RS. They love her, and she loves it there.They are very caring people.
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    Rare Breeds?

    Thank you. Here is another just for you! That is her boyfriend in the background.:D
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    heavy horses

    This is Fany Du Champ, aka Doodles. She is an Ardennes and stands just 14-2hh but is a true heavy horse. At present she is on loan to a riding school and is loving all the kids. Sorry they are big, no idea how to re-size.:p Poor mare is on a permanent diet as extremely good doer. Hogged and...
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    Rare Breeds?

    This is Fany, and she is not an Exmoor but an Ardennes (Trait Ardennais.) A cold blood draught breed from Belgium, and one of the oldest breeds in the world. They are used for logging in the dense European forests, and generally the same way Shires and Clydesdales are used over here. And...
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    Who's in Cumbria ?

    I am on the southern end of the coast, Haverigg. Horses live further up. :)
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    How High Do You....

    Personally I'd be wary about teaching them to jump at all.My old one was an escape artist as it was, as are all the others I have know. Teaching them to jump is just giving them more opportunities! But they do look cute jumping,so if you do teach them please put piccys or a vid up.:D:D
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    Moulting!! It's official ...spring has arrived!

    My Fany is hairless, has been all winter.
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    Martin Clunes: Heavy Horse Power

    Certainly it is so with my 2, Caps, all 17-3hh of him, is a total wuss, but Fany my heavy horse, 14-2hh, is solid and stoic.
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    So... Where is everyone from?

    West coast of Cumbria just (2 miles)outside the Lake District, my horses are posher and live in the Lake District. It is a wonder they speak to me!
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    Coloured Horses - does nature ever get it wrong?

    He is lovely. Do you have any pictures of him grown up?
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    A sheepish hello and who wants Hovis back?!

    Of course, got to love Hovis and his outlook on life. Also he is one of my fav horses on HHO. :):):)