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    Photos: Amazing wound repair, so grateful to my vet!

    Ow, that looks so painful! Great stitching job by the Vet. :)
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    How would you judge a foreign breeds class?

    Unless it's a Paso as they don't move straight and that is correct for the breed. I think it's called 'termino'.
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    What weight for a 15.2 youngster?

    My grey (15hh arab) was backed by a rider of 10st.
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    Showing unregistered sec d type

    Hi, try posting this question in the 'competing and training' section of the forum. :)
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    Would you be upset and angry if ...

    Flipping heck! Good luck with the move. :)
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    Anyone want to look at horse confo for me?

    This PRE conformation video might be helpful. :)
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    Would you be upset and angry if ...

    That's not on. You have every right to be angry about it.
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    Anyone remember this little Lady?

    RIP Lady. :(
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    WHW and BHS

    I wonder how much of the 25k the puppet maker actually got? I feel very strongly that artists and crafts people should be paid fairly for their time, but even with a very generous hourly wage and material costs, it's just not a 25k puppet IMO.
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    WHW and BHS

    Is this the puppet?
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    Moved My New (to me) Mare To New Barn

    Glad it worked out. :D
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    How to trot up a cat?

    Kasper is 8yo IIRC.
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    How to trot up a cat?

    No, nothing is visibly wrong externally (other than the healing bite wound which is on his tail near his pelvis). I do wonder if it's a soft tissue issue? Kasp is an Egyptian Mau and DB is an Ocicat.
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    I swore I wouldn't look at another Arab!

    We'll definitely need some photos once he's home safe and sound. :D
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    WWYD? - Three trusted professionals with three different opinions

    I would like to clarify that my posts were not written to make the OP go against her Vet's advice. All I wanted to do was to give an example of a horse that had been declared unable to be unshod/BF by a fully trained professional Farrier, that actually was able to be unshod/BF and was taken down...