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    Savings/building society

    Another vote for Marcus!
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    Would you buy a horse knowing it’s had SI & Hock injections..?

    I think it depends on what issues the horse presented with to result in the injections in the first place? Going against the grain I’ve recently bought one with a vaguely similar background so would certainly consider it again if it were the right horse. I guess the difference in my situation...
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    Are équipe saddles adjustable?

    They’re not hugely adjustable, I believe they can be adjusted up or down one width but it’s generally advised you only do this once as it tends to compromise the tree.
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    Loss of use insurance

    Just bear in mind that during the first 14 days you’ll only be covered for external injuries rather than illness or colic. No idea how that would impact LOU but having battled with an insurer over an injury that occurred a little over a month into ownership I imagine it would potentially be a...
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    White horse energy delivery.

    No issues when they’ve delivered to us, if anything they went above and beyond when it came to unloading and putting the pallet away.
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    Fussy buyer, joy rider or genuine lack of choice out there?

    I wouldn’t necessarily write them off on that alone. I always find I can find tons of horses that tick my boxes when I’m not looking for one, yet as soon as I start looking I see nothing of interest. Last time around it took 8 months, hundreds of miles, countless lame/greener/shorter/taller than...
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    Would you buy a horse that swaps leads behind?

    I know prices are crazy at the moment but that’s a lot of money for something just coming back into work. Have they said why he was out of work and for how long? My worry would be he’s been turned away for a bit due to injury and they’re selling him on now rather than getting him fit as they...
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    Small Companions .... Advise please

    Size wise I think you’re fine, my almost 3yo is 16hh+ (I refuse to measure him) and his current buddies are under 12hh but I really don’t think it’s fair to expect a yearling to be left alone for large portions of time (appreciate you say he’s already turned out solo, but just because others do...
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    Vetting showed a grade 2 heart murmour

    Thanks so much for replying! So pleased it worked out for you (minus the current testing and saddle issues!) I’ve managed to take a look at the findings now and it sounds like it could be a bit more significant than first suspected. I’ll have a chat with the insurers and vet in the morning but...
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    Vetting showed a grade 2 heart murmour

    @jonshell I was just wondering what you decided to do in the end? We’ve seen a horse that in all other ways would be perfect, but have just been informed he’s had a very slight murmur (0.5) since birth which apparently shouldn’t effect him or his ability to pass a vetting. I’m now wobbling...
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    White Horse Energy wood pellets

    My friend has, quality wise I don’t think they’re too dissimilar to the platinum ones but they were a little darker in colour and she said some of the bags were a bit flimsy.
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    Horse prices... yikes!!

    I feel you, I’m also unexpectedly looking (well I was before lockdown put a stop to it!) and I’ve been astounded by the price of some horses right now, especially those that suddenly mention at the end of the ad that the horse has wobblers/is just coming back from a year of field rest/has done...
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    agricutural vs equestrian use

    I could be wrong but I also thought it depended on whether the horses were rugged or not as to whether they could be considered livestock or leisure? Possibly misremembering as it’s been a long day 🙈
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    Edgemere Equestrian

    I’ve had exactly the same issue recently. Ordered in early November, got a call from Tom the next morning to say two items wouldn’t be in stock until mid December but that they’d ship everything else that day. Mid-December came and went and no sign of any of my order. Chased again and finally...
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    White Horse Energy wood pellets

    Ah brilliant, I’ve been so impressed with them.