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    to breed or not to breed

    Hi thanks all for the responses I think it may be time to find her the right new home :-( very useful especially regarding the long back comment she is in my very forward cut 17 inch single flap saddle which I think gives her the illusion of being long backed - note to self use a different...
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    to breed or not to breed

    Hi all thanks for the messages. I think you have helped me with something I already knew. Out of interest why would you say not broodmare potential - I promise I am not going to breakdown and cry if you critique my horse.
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    to breed or not to breed

    Hi Alice thanks for the reply out of interest would you describe her as long backed she is 15.2 and only just out of a 5'9'' rug? totally agree regarding the lightly made she has not filled out anywhere near as much as expected
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    to breed or not to breed

    Hi I am thinking about breeding a second foal after our first was born 2.5 years ago. Sadly we have since had to have the mare we bred from first time put down (the foal was always going to be a keeper). When we went to view the stallion I fell in love with a two year old the breeder had and...
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    Hi has anyone heard anything about strangles being confirmed in the Doncaster area. Do not want to start scaremongering however there is rumours flying around at the moment.
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    Heather/Brian Dunning

    Hi does anyone on here have contact details for Heather or Brian Dunning (equinephysios)we used to use Heather and she was excellant but have lost her contact details.
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    Up With the Lark Stallion and progeny

    I have seen one of his offspring which was out of a big mare. He is lovely but massive - stood at least 16.2 as a three year old.
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    fear of puddles, time to conquer it!

    Sorry just seen some of the other posts this probably wont work. We are lucky in that we have an exceptionally muddy wet lane behind us so everything goes water training on the long lines down here - do you have any thing similar you could use.
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    fear of puddles, time to conquer it!

    create a large puddle and put his feed bucket the other side he will quickly learn that the puddle isnt going to kill him
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    Advice for a first timer...

    accept that you will be sleep deprived - book time off work I stayed up watching the CCTV with my mare all night and then slept from 6am till midday You can guarantee that the 30 minutes sleep you get they will foal. It the best expereince ever!!!
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    jump CC :)

    Hi a nice little exercise that you can try which should encourage him to be more forward in canter and also help with the rhythm is to put a small cross or upright at X on the A-C line then incorporate the jump into 20m circles at A & C in canter. Gradually progress to adding jumps at A & C its...
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    Has anyone put an 18 YO + maiden in foal?

    hi my mare was a 17 year old maiden took on the first covering and apart from a broken elbow (long story) the birth was text book. The pregnancy involved 9 months box rest numerous xrays so should have been a complete nightmare but ended well.
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    Best sedation for clipping?

    If the horse needs to be sedated vet jab everytime - much safer for everyone involved after having more than one horse stress its way through the gels and come round panicking I would rather it was completely out of it. Then at least once a week doing some desensitising work with them until...
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    Bit concerned

    Hi Thank for the responses. she hasnt been on any antibx recently. She wont touch a salt lick or any of the other nice licky things you can get. Will try her on some gut balancer to see if that makes a difference - will the youngster be ok with some gut balancer as they tend to share...
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    Bit concerned

    My 19 year old mare has started eating the faeces of the other horse in the field (her daughter - 19 months have been weaned etc). She is out 24/7, permanent access to hay, fed morning and night also has a shelter bedded down with straw. The grass isnt brilliant but there is enough to keep...