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    Will he won't he ........

    Oh isn’t he drop dead gorgeous! Our big orange lad was Oscar.
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    How long do your hens live?

    I lived with people who had Orpingtons, which were still going strong aged 6 when I left.
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    Boy bunny neutering

    It’s better if they can move around after, rather than being contained. For his packed lunch, I would include any of his regular nuggets, a large handful of his hay (some rabbits can be picky!), and some greens (maybe in a cooler bag with some ice packs?). I also sent in some Fibre First sticks...
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    Biomechanics people - toes sticking out

    Glad I wasn’t the only one! I used to practice being ‘en pointe’ as a child, except it was in bare feet, and now my big toes both curl at the ends, which makes buying closed toe shoes difficult now! 😬
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    Trouble with Petlog

    Yep. I’ve been trying to update the address on our dog’s microchip for months, and just not getting anywhere.
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    Should I?

    Yes, 2 of them!
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    Arthritis treatment in elderly dog

    Can only send hugs & vibes, and hope that the librella becomes available quickly. We started our older cat on solensia (the kitty version of librella) last month, and she’s a changed animal.
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    Rabbit food

    Have always fed Excel mint flavour for adults to mine.
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    Who’s cried in a lesson?

    Yep. Not even a formal lesson, it was meant to be a relaxed, private, ‘go as you please’ session for myself and a couple of others, over small obstacles to build my confidence for some low-level BHS exam, I think. The owner of the place got the wrong end of the stick and thought I was attempting...
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    Worst thing the cat's done.

    Very sad. There’s no way I would allow an expensive pedigree cat to roam, for risk of theft. Even our bog standard moggies I prefer to keep indoors till the garden can be cat-enclosed, as have lost too many on the roads. Seeing missing cat posts is just so upsetting, and it’s so avoidable. We...
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    Cruicate and TTA /PRP advice please

    So glad the op went ok! The first few days are difficult, but if she’s got plenty of pain meds she should be just fine.
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    Oops, spur of the moment DD purchase…

    Gosh he’s a big lad already! Absolutely gorgeous!
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    Cruicate and TTA /PRP advice please

    What a sweetheart! It’s good that she’s used to the hydro, that will help with her post-op physio, but for now I wouldn’t take her until the op is done. Likewise, I’d be restricting exercise to just on-lead toileting until the op, so as not to cause further damage. Other things I forgot to...
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    Cruicate and TTA /PRP advice please

    Our rough collie cross had a TPLO in February this year, and has made a full recovery. He was 10 years old, approx 20kg, not overweight but not as fit as he could’ve been. He also has a grade 2 heart murmur which he’s been medicated for for about 3 years. We brought him in for surgery in the...
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    My horse is killing the yard chickens

    You need to show those poor chickens the same level of care and commitment which I’m assuming you show your horse. From your post there’s been at least 3 deaths and 1 serious injury. 1 of those incidents should’ve been enough to prompt action to protect them. Replace the word ‘chicken’ with...