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    Old horse, new tricks?

    Mine showed no obvious pain other than being extra spooky and reluctant over jumps. Had his hocks x rayed and treated and he’s happy and back on form. It wasn’t major changes found but enough to make him uncomfortable. Might be worth checking with vet if he’s behaving out of character.
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    Most hilarious news article by DailyFail

    Holy macaroni that’s painful…. 🙈.
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    Yard rules

    I’m moving to Starzaans yard! That’s not a bad price for full livery around these parts and it sound amazing to me! I’m a neat freak and expect full level pandering for my horse 😊 (current yard does a pretty good job of it in fairness)
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    I’ve been using a winderen bit for a couple of years now. First mouthpiece lasted 14mths until I put his cheek pieces up a hole as his bridle was going baggy. I bought a new mouth piece which he chomped into within 2mths so I complained via horse bit bank who were very helpful. not so impressed...
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    A long day but worthwhile in the end!

    He’s gorgeous! what an annoying day for you but well done on the outcome!
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    Tell me about Wintec saddles

    I really did not like the cair for mine and my horse hated it. sold the saddle and randomly found out same saddle caused issues with the horse it was sold to. However that may have been one bad saddle. I liked that they are light but really didn’t like sitting in it for long. It made my bottom...
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    Girths - worth the money for Stubben/centerline/WOW

    By the way, when I had my old Albion GP I had many girths in an attempt to improve comfort. My sensitive flower liked the stubben string girth and a bucas optima girth with a wide bit over his sternum. He’s good at sharing his likes and dislikes by the angle of his ears! 🙄😆
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    Girths - worth the money for Stubben/centerline/WOW

    yes to some degree due to the sternum plate (not the h girth), he does feel more comfortable albeit the wow saddle had done most of the improvement already. It was because his old straight girth wasnt sitting well as it was pulling the back girth strap forwards so it’s being bought to help a...
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    Girths - worth the money for Stubben/centerline/WOW

    I’ve got a wow saddle and have just ordered a new girth 🙈 but I trialled it first. No way I’m spending out that much money without knowing if it will work. Previous wow girth I bought second hand and would have done the same if there was any for sale. There are so many options and what you...
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    Livery yard issues am just been grumpy or should I say something to the YO

    It sounds like an awful situation for you. I think the only thing you can do is share all your concerns with the YO. It is possible that the YO may not be happy with this livery already but there is no way of knowing until you have that conversation. you can then decide next steps and whether...
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    Update on Lari

    So sorry to hear this. You have good plans in place going forward, just a terrible shame you’re in this position. He’s a lucky horse whatever the final outcome.
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    Training tips for very forward horse when behind rather than in front, ignoring my aids.

    In many years of riding out with others, its always just been accepted that one is likely to want to be in front and others are ok being behind. Not something I’ve ever tried to change tbh. well matched hacking partners are great. Mismatched hacking partners not so good….
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    Cat stress - any ideas please

    Thanks, I thought I’d heard that was an option. I’m hoping it won’t come to that But helpful to know.
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    Cat stress - any ideas please

    Sounds famil! in his more active fighting days it took us a while to understand that not eating and generally looking like he’s got some terrible illness actually just was sulking because he lost a fight. Took more than one vet visit to establish that!
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    The Occasional Dave Part 2.

    Yay! Well done all, Dave looking smooshy and gorgeous as per 😍