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    Bone Growths From Trauma (Not splints per se)

    A question does anyone have any success minimizing bone oedema lumps on the bone from traumatic injury? I have a mare i have just bought which hit a gate very hard escaping as a youngster and has large lumps on the front of the canons from this Just wondering whether splintex gold or DMSO...
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    Helmet Cams?

    I have pivothead glasses as didn't want to wear a go pro due to safety issues and didn't like hat band versions as the image is to the side.
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    Bit suggestions please?

    I would add another set of reins for hacking out and schooling in (so 3 in total), two reins are easy and you just need to get used to them Having played polo with 3 reins, mallet and whip, 2 are easy! If you combine the action you will end up using too much leverage
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    why do you break a horse then turn it away?

    Generally because winter is depressing and I cannot do a young horse consistently when its peeing with rain, blowing gales or snowing Bad enough keeping the working ones fit!!
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    Former US President watches team GB tentpeg in Sudan!

    May be news to many, but Great Britain have a team competing in Sudan all this week Today the Former US president Jimmy Carter attended to watch the teams, some extra demonstrations were put on to give the ex-president a flavour of the sport!
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    Difficult decision - literally any suggestions welcome!

    Honestly - PTS This will cost the same as rehoming with the Blue Cross (£300), and depending on how he is passported you could send to Potters If you pass him along he is just going to be a problem for someone else, it looks like you have given him every opportunity at different places and...
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    How much 'weight' do you like in a contact?

    I'd like to see dressage competitions with a breaking line between bit and rein and rein so if you use too much force, it snaps and elimination! Your horse should be working where it is comfortable, therefore a light contact is going to get you a more willing partner. Too much force and you...
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    Shocking case of violence and abuse in Argentina

    I agree it is awful, and sounds like this man has a horrible temper However as it was on his own private property I don't think there is anything that can be done? Do you have the equivalent of the RSPCA over there who can take them to court for cruelty, and then would trainer / others...
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    lesson ideas please - midlands area

    Depends are you looking at a particular discipline? You could also go down the path of an experience day Jousting: Horse Archery / Trick riding
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    Really wish BS

    Double clear information would be good, but also class size. For example getting placed at a qualifier is generally hard than a week day outing!
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    Lab Ponies Rescued - Happy Ending :)

    I'm afraid I am for animal testing if that is what is required to stamp out diseases such as cancer. Horses are used routinely to produce anti-venom for countries with snake bite issues, as they are good at producing large numbers of antibodies. If you went to handle any group of barn kept...
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    What do Jin Stirrups do? (Are they like freejumps?)

    eBay offerings - copies to the real thing
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    What do Jin Stirrups do? (Are they like freejumps?)

    I have cheap ebay copies - I quite like them as a bigger footbed than normal which means its harder to loose your stirrup. I wanted them for competing abroad as I decided plastic ones might be dangerous if they snapped, but wanted the low weight. That said my Flexi plastic royal riders with a...
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    WOW saddles: so OK please convince me they're worth the money!

    I think you like wows if you are happy adjusting your own saddles. I love the freedom they offer, and i'm never perched. Weight wise they are lighter than my stock saddles!
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    What to look for when viewing an unbroken 3 year old

    That would set alarm bells ringing unless she knew you! I would never let a 3 year old trial with unknown quantities, as I don't want a 'broken' or traumatized horse back However if you bought a 3 year old as a project and it took the piss, you might be pleased to give it on trial to get shot!