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    Non loading horse, who pays?

    The buyer is responsible as you hired the 'transporter' and I use those terms in the loosest way! A youngster that has not travelled extensively should be put in a foal box 3m sq and transported like that not in a tinpot! Just because the breeder got the youngster used to walking in and out a...
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    Breakdown cover for trailer recommendations?

    equine rescue services Best equine recovery in the businesss
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    Passed 5 stage vetting in October- now retired? Can I do anything?

    Unless you have a huge pot of money to crack on through the courts as that what it will take, I would not. Toe dragging and the fact being lazy I personally would have sent the horse back. You accepted the vets decision on the day and sadly it has not paid off I take it you did not have loss...
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    Breakdown cover for trailer?

    We are with Equine Rescue Services! They will send out fresh horse transport for your horses not a 4x4 to tow your trailer home which is illegal without an op lic or tach fitted
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    Small horseboxes - bulkhead - safety ?

    The BARTA report last year although not in great detail showed the massive gap in horse box safety of the rear facing breast bar 2 box and how these incidents happened. Horse box design is of paramount importance. If you look at Henning Horseboxes on FB you will see 3 videos of a 'rear facing...
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    Transport from France to UK

    We only use Julie Magnus Bespoke transport in Oakely Horse Lorrys Haylage given as standard and direct door to door Updates and pics throughout Won't use anyone else
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    Travelling 3yo in a trailer for the first time - thoughts?

    A professional transport company would travel them loose in a foal box - safest thing to do. All partitions removed to make a full height travelling stable. Shavings on the floor so soak up wee and wet poo and the inevitable 'box walking' and haylage on the floor. Gillies never travel with...
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    Dissertation Help!

    Done Good luck with your dissertation
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    Which lorry do you have/recommend?

    Would not touch equitrek with a barge pole!!! Their trailers seem to be held together with velcro and sticky tape looking at all the ones that have fallen apart on HH I have got oakleys and would not change Go back to oakley! They maybe able to part ex your 7.5t for something bigger Good luck
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    Illegal hare coursing - Anyone use CCTV?

    CCTV a great idea! We have coursers here! Came back from a colic trip and used a back road and found a brown old izuzu without a number plate - handy of course, complete with 2 men and one at the back clambering over the fences very quickly with 2 white whippet/lurchers under the arms This...
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    first horse Box journey

    Like others have said!!!!! Driving for the first time is very very nerve wracking for the best of us! No one has mentioned have you got equine breakdown recovery! It is no good just having AA or RAC for the tow vehicle as they will only touch the car and leave the trailer with the horse...
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    What do you consider a 'long' journey?

    Anything over 100 miles I would consider a reasonable journey ie 2 hours Ensure your EQUINE breakdown recovery is up to date we use Equine Rescue Services who are excellent and will look after the horse all the way. Carry water, feed, haylage and horse pjs just in case!!!! Ensure all tyres...
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    Horse trailer insurance and breakdown cover Equine Rescue Services all the way for recovering you and your horse in separate horse transport and your trailer and stricken vehicle goes off on the wrecker. Cannot recommend them highly enough! As for insurance NFU are brilliant but you do need to have more...
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    Horsebox rescue - recommendations please You cannot get any better than Equine Rescue Services. Dedicated control room with people that actually KNOW about horses. Helpful and always on the phone checking everything is happening for you. Fresh horse transport to take your horse home Cannot fault them
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    Horses who are poor travellers?

    There is no AIR FLOW in the 7.5t! Kicking just to say hurry up mum is not really anything to get worried about. You need a lot of movement of air and the only way this can be done is to travel 45mph to 55mph. The fact he loaded perfectly and travelled well apart from being TOO HOT It is...