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    Several years ago I thought that my horse m igh thave contracted sarcoptic mange from a sick fox which slept in my barn.She had bald patches and was scratching herself at every opportunity. I called my vet who told me before visiting that it was extremely unlikely to be mange. He diagnosed...
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    Any ideas on what this is on horses gum?

    I had a small hard flat spot like this appear on my own gum a couple of years ago. It was biopsied and came back as " normal gum tissue". It certainly looks like the spot I had so perhaps its just a strange piece of gum tissue.
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    I'm I the only one who doesn't ride?

    I haven't ridden since June 2002 since I fell off and damaged nerves in my neck as well as breaking a few bones . The fall resulted in a year off work. I originally intended to ride again but OH ( aged 70 at the time ) found looking after my 2 horses whilst I was out of action was too much...
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    Does anyone feed Kwikbeet from Dodson and Horrell to a laminitic?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. My internet went down yesterday evening just after I posted so I have been unable to see your replies until now. You have all reassured me that the Kwik beet was a good choice. I was happy with the 5% sugar content but concerned because the bag ( or the...
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    Does anyone feed Kwikbeet from Dodson and Horrell to a laminitic?

    As per title .Is this safe to feed to a laminitic? I bought a bag today intending to feed it to my 25 year old laminitic mare as I am struggling to maintain her condition. The bag describes the beet as "unmollased "and states that it is 5% sugar but I am panicing now as the Dodson and Horrell...
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    Thumbs up for Zylkene Equine.

    Around about October last year a final year veterinary student posted on HHO asking for people who had horses who were difficult to shoe due to behavioural issues. She asked participants to try 2 products on their horse and to note the horses responses during shoeing after taking the products...
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    walking out in hand

    I regularly take my mare out in hand and find I have the best control using a bridle and a single lead rein attatched to the bit by way of a 3 way chain coupling. Hope that this helps.
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    Guess whos back?!! HOVIS!!

    So pleased to see you back Hovis. Life has been been so boring without you.Your return has made my day.:D
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    Naughty with farrier-advice

    If you wanted to try using some sort of "calmer" there is a product called Zylkene which I recently tried on my " difficult to shoe" horse. I tried it as part of a study conducted by a final year veterinary student.Its actually made out of a milk protein. It improved my mares behaviour...
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    Farrier problems

    If you want to try a " natural " calmer there is a product called Zylkene which I trialled on my mare who is difficult to shoe. I participated in a trial for a final year veterinary student who advertised for volunteers on HHO. The trial involved the use of 2 products, one the Zylkene and one a...
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    Hacking on Mayhill, Gloucestershire?

    Hi, I haven't done it for years as I sadly don't ride any more but you used to be able to ride to the top of May Hill by going along Barrel Lane. I used to turn onto Barrel Lane near the Nags Head/ Farmers Boy and it was fairly straight forward from there although there was a cattle grid to go...
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    Mobile field shelter insurance needed

    At the time I took out the " Business combined "insurance with NFU I did not have any other insurance with them. They did try to get me to change the house insurance but accepted that I wouldn't when I explained that my husband dealt with the house insurance and I with anything related to the...
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    Mobile field shelter insurance needed

    I had a similar problem when I had a stable built on my own land 4 miles away from my house. NFU insured me under a " Business combined " policy. My premium for a 16 x 14 block built stable and various corrugated buildings is currently around £80 per year. NFU were the only company who would...
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    Weight Estimation of Horses

    Can I have the answers too, please? Thanks in anticipation
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    Looking for holiday cover Forest of Dean area.

    I'm looking for someone to provide holiday cover looking after my retired laminitic mare in her current location in the Forest of Dean (Drybrook). If anyone provides such a service or knows of anyone who would please let me know. Thanks