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    Hickstead Derby?

    Working for me too - getting very irritated with the coughing man though.
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    Thoughts South Herefordshire hunt.

    Poor mares having the same for HRT treatments :(
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    Hickstead Derby?

    I was disappointed too but I think the shopping in July is much better and there is more to watch in the other rings. Plus the Eventers Challenge :) I am watching now.
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    Following on from nightmare start to BE season...

    My old boy was the same. I never did anything other than walk around the horsebox area to warm up. I was often last in the dressage because he was so explosive, but I felt safe as he never bucked or reared. But he would jump so if it was a difficult course I would come home with a rosette...
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    The 2019 Badminton XC Thread

    Just catching up. Had Oli gone through the finish before he started celebrating?
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    No more Belton.

    We are losing so many venues locally (a lot due to development) I wonder how people will compete in future.
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    Gelding preferred but would consider a mare

    Geldings all the way for me. In my lifetime I have known a few really nasty horses and all have been mares. And they wee on their tails :)
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    Best place for hacking in England?

    My friend moved to Wales, however although the hacking looks good around her bridleways have been blocked or are very poor and the local council aren't bothered about it.
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    Towing with land Rover Discovery

    Agree with this. We once had a Jeep Cherokee - it was awful to tow with and we got rid of it.
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    Munnings exhibition.

    Thank you for this, I think I would like to go and didn't know anything about it.
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    October ... still on summer grazing!

    Mine were still on their summer field at the start of November last year and hoping it's the same this year.
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    Just watched the SJ final on red button

    What a boring looking course - all open poles and unexciting stands. Makes me realise how good the 2012 Olympics were.
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    Alf, and the big bute debate! Update

    Brilliant, I tried Cartrophen on my lad but it didn't work for him. He is on one Danilon a day and fine, I don't care what anyone else thinks about that.
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    WEG. Cross country course

    I'm enjoying watching without Clare Baldwin doing interviews at the end.