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    YO's if a horse was ill and they were due to leave WWYD?

    I had to travel a pony over 400 miles from Dumfries to Robert Eustace's Laminitis clinic and was given advice by them on how to make the pony as comfortable as possible. He had started out over a year previously with a stress induced laminitis and now had contracted tendons which would have...
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    Doing your equine Laundry

    A couple of years ago I bought a twin tub (new) for doing all equine laundry after OH went mad replacing washing machines on an annual basis. They are still made for export to India. It was a bit of a con really as the advertising said it could take up to a 7ft rug. Yes it can but only a...
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    PTS Buddy (for want of a better word)

    I have done it twice for my friend who did not feel able to and also for all my own when the time came. They all go with nose in a bucket of something tasty if still able to eat, but my once in a lifetime pony had a heart attack at the gate of the field aged 27. Considerate to the end. I dont...
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    Overbreeding-particularly small ponies?

    I have had Welsh ponies for about forty years and before I had my own I did my apprenticeship at a Welsh stud where my love for the breed came from. I bred nice useful ponies for my children to ride and also for my grandchildren. We are not talking numbers here, just a nice long thought over...
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    Septic Pedal ostietis

    No one?
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    Septic Pedal ostietis

    My friends 24 year old gelding was diagnosed five weeks ago with septic pedal ostietis by my vet after being misdiagnosed by both another vet (bruised sole) and tendon trouble(farrier). Three weeks in to finding him suddenly lame he was started on a large dose daily of penicillan for 5 days...
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    Would you write your phone number/post code on your TO rugs?

    I will this winter!! In large sheep marker preferably luminous!! We live in a very nice quiet part of the country and I have lost one brand new turnout, fly rug, muzzles and fly masks!!!!
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    Ready Mash Extra?

    I have used it for the last two years for youngstock, a poor doer and for my stallion. I actually started using it when weaning foals and my feed supplier phoned the maker and I spoke to them for advice. It has milk powder in it too. Its not cheap but it does what it says on the tin!
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    Access and loopy landowners

    When we lived in our previous house the factory owner who also owned 90% of the houses surrounding ours locked all gates including bridle paths which the local Common Riding used once a year so apart from once a year nobody could use it or any of the other paths/fields around us. The only other...
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    Equitrek Trail Treka Reviews? Anyone got one?

    I have one, bought new two years ago. Had to put extra rings for nets as the factory fitted ones are fine for horses but not for welsh ponies!, Very light and bright inside, ponies have a good smooth ride. Very stable on road. I pull mine with an Isuzu Trooper.
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    advice wanted from horse box drivers

    Just a little thing but it does help with the idiots that drive up your arse. I had a Caution Horses, Slow Braking sign made up at the graphics place and stuck on the rear.!
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    Tell me about treeless saddles

    Because we are not showing now I sold my Fylde Samanthas and bought a synthetic saddle which at the time did fit. It no longer fits so we have difficulty getting proper saddle fitters in our area. I have been investigating treeless saddles which I know absolutely nothing about. The pony it would...
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    Horse transport any recommendations?

    Always use Eric Gillie for long distances. He has moved youngsters, mares and foals and stallions for me. Overnighted some too. If he is good enough for Her Maj he's good enough for me.! Always keeps in contact too. Rates are sensible but realistic that you know there's nothing dodgy regarding...
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    "Horsey people" that havent got a clue!

    Many years ago when my daughters were doing sunday league winter showjumping the family with loads of dosh and the "BSJA" reg pony turned up with it newly clipped. Dad had done the job himself he proudly announced to the crowd who were watching with their jaws dropped. Yep, he had clipped it...
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    Dinky Classic Grazing Muzzle - advice please

    Like the Op I also could not see how on earth a pony could eat with the muzzle on, but I gave it a try. My old boy had one last but good summer with it on allowing him to be in the field rather than stood in a stable. I bought another cob sized one this year for my greedy cob mare!.