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    Need a show/passport name for my Thoroughbred!

    Abhainn Dearg is the Irish for Red Rover - pronounced Aow-an Jar-ig. Rua is another name for Red in Irish, You could stick an 'An' in front of it to make him The Red River - An Abhainn Dearg. If he's a big lad he can take a "the' for presence!
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    St. Nicholas Abbey

    Sorry to hear the horse is dead but not surprised. Should have been done a long time ago. He is at peace now R.I.P.
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    St. Nicholas Abbey

    This was my concern from the very beginning. He is walking out well though in the vid so there is hope, but sadly I remain doubtful. Great to see an update though. It will be amazing if he comes out of it, I sincerely hopes he does.
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    Help choosing a stallion to breed an eventing type from an ISH

    Still TB from me, one with good elevation like Watewrmill Swatch. She is a good straight mover alright.
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    Help choosing a stallion to breed an eventing type from an ISH

    TB without a shadow of a doubt. I can only recommend Irish TB's that I have met over here, so not much use, but I love Riyalan and Pointiliste, and a tidy young TB called Robin Des La Maison...
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    Condolences to Janet George

    Sorry to hear this, ((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))
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    A different type of fun ride!

    Were we watching the same video? There was plenty of comfortable jumping on show! They are not hammering into these things, over stretching at speed. They are carefully approaching the ditches at a safe, slow speed. You will notice the horses very quickly sorting themselves out, using their...
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    A different type of fun ride!

    ^^^^ What LEC said. They're not being hammered on hard ground or doing endless small circles in an arena which is harder on a young horse's bones and ligaments etc. IMHO. But to each their own.
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    A different type of fun ride!

    Love it!
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    Irish juniors

    Woo Hoo! Had a waving arms in the air/celebratory tea when I read that earlier! Fair play to all three-the way of the future! Now to just try and keep the horse power IN the country...:rolleyes3: :wink3:
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    To buy or to breed? Dilemma..

    Buy the foal. You know what you're getting, and with breeding you could end up with something completely unsuitable and be stuck with it. Breeding is hard, expensive and quite often disheartening. Save yourself the time, money, drama, tears, fear and frustration and buy the foal. He ticks all...
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    Ideas on what breed?

    I see a good dose of welsh and cob. Definitely no Connie, Connie's are not chunky, especially not anymore! I think he looks very Welsh x who knows! I know nothing about Highlands so I can't comment on that similarity, but I have met a lot of Connies and I don't see any in him. Nice lad...
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    St. Nicholas Abbey

    Hmm I much prefer the old fashioned type! Much more my style. I hate the greyhound look, but ultimately it comes down to what crosses the line first and makes the most money (more importantly!) and the downhill, flashy, light boned and framed animal has a tendency to do that a lot now! I am with...
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    stallion out with another stallion....

    As other posters have said, stallions can live quite happily together, as long as an in season mare doesn't get between them! It does come down to personality as well, and where/why (as in AlexArt's example). Cavalier Royale was killed in a fight when his neighbour (also a stallion) got into...
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    Best. Natured. Youngster. Ever. Rant.

    oh no you poor thing. I have no advice to offer but I will send you a hug (((((((((hug))))))))) and vibes for your saintly youngster (((((((((vibes))))))))) X