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    How long do your hens live?

    I have 5 ex battery hens, no idea how old they are but i have had them for a year. Over the last month they are not laying so much now. They are also loosing feather and looking a bit scraggy. Is this normal ?
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    Failed AI Due To Infection- Worth 2nd Attempt?

    i have been though this with my mare, we tried everything to get the infection under control last year. Managed to reduce to a reasonable level. the next step was kerosene wash out. Without this the vet said she had very little chance of maintaining a pregnancy. Having spent a lot of money...
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    Fractured Shoulder

    Has anyone had any experience of a fractured shoulder and the prognoses and recovery. I have a 16 year old pony that fractured her shoulder 14 weeks ago. She has been on box rest since then and has been x rayed today for the 3rd time. Initially she was hopping lame and this has gradually...
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    Strangles would you vaccinate??

    Although there is one case in our village there are a lot more in the surrounding area hence my terminology! I believe this case has been managed correctly and agree with you on prevention and precautions
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    Strangles would you vaccinate??

    There is an outbreak in our area from what I understand it only involves one horse new to the yard that has been isolated so quite possibly contained , there are near on 100 + equines in our village so a lot of people are quite concerned! The local vet is now offering vaccinations that come...
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    Enlightened Equitation

    I have just had my 5th lesson with an EE instructor having had previous training by a dressage specialised trainer, In 5 sessions she has made a huge improvement to the horses way of going and everything is now so much easier, in the past it was all very much push pull now the horse is...
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    stray/stable cat wwyd

    How lovely that he now has a loving home ! All I can add is that he was clever enough to find you and work out how to use the cat flap hopefully it wont be too long before he masters the cat litter tray !
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    Cushings lami 18 year old warmblood.

    I have a 30yr old arab that has not had lami but tested positive for cushings, all I can say is that in 2 weeks of taking the drug he has improved so much and he now is back to his 20 yr old self. Keep up with it ! I am amazed at the difference.
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    Homebred's BE80 debut

    what a lovely horse, she was well ridden by your pro, someone is going to have a lot of fun with her. Its nice to see some uptons Deli offspring out and competing if she turns out anything like him she will be a super star !
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    Any tips to stop manes rubbing in winter?

    and me but as you say difficult to find, bought my last ones in a sale. Do you have any recomendations ?
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    Do you find your yard spooky at night?

    I hate it !! I dread every winter for this reason
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    The Peel case horses - the lost ones

    she claims complete denial to anything that happened, its all a bunch of lies, no dead horses and no severe neglect ???? The RSPCA really should be brought to account in all this, they have let down everyone concerned in this case !!
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    An hour to save your life.....

    Thanks Dunlin, I was so taken by his whole attitude and really interested in his recovery
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    An hour to save your life.....

    Just watched episode 3 amazed at the work these guys do, but really interested in the story of George the chap who had a fall from his horse. Does anyone on here know him, would love to find out how he is getting on
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    From Foal to Full Grown!

    lovely thread, great to see her progress she looks fab !