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    anyone know this horse

    ali gg gelding done some eventing 16.2 dark bay gelding.
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    Back strengthening exercises

    hi what was your horses symptoms with trapped nerve at wither our mare was diagnosed first as a head shaker because she would twitch her ears alot tilt head to side like a spasm then put her head to the ground she was really unrideable second vet said thought she may have slight kissing spines...
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    Kissing spines

    Hi It was interesting to read about your horse diagnosed with kissing spines. My IDxTB mare was diagnosed with the same in the withers (no x-rays?) following her beginning to headshake. She has 6 months off before the diagnosis was given by a new vet. She has been back in work since then, we...
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    build up of muscle after injury

    our 13 year old IDXTB mare started to have problems a over a year ago commencing with symptoms of a sore neck did not like you touch her head or neck would flinch to the side her eyelids would flutter like a spasm type thing this happened also when riding her she would also stretch her neck to...