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    How to deal with daughter who has lost confidence?

    Is it because you have changed livery yards? Can I ask why didn't you stay at your last yard? Everything is a big change for such a young child. They get confident at one yard and used to things. This is a new pony, New yard and lots of loud noises. Or is she just afraid of the pony?
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    has anyone got a naturally moody mare?

    No matter what anyone says on here I have always found mare's moody and mareish. Don't bother all you mare owners denying it:D That is why I only have geldings;) Like most men you can sort them:D:D
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    Am I mean? Is there any thing else i could do?

    OP I think your OH needs to understand that when his friends children are there he needs to be there. Horsey or not he can lead the pony round and help them muck out and poo pick. He will then understand and explain to his friends that it is not working:D:D
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    Can you blowtorch ragwort?

    :eek::confused:Protecting Ragwort? Why Ask if they would like to pay for all vet bills through the country for poisoning? They can have this countries by the boat load and the seeds:)
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    Can you blowtorch ragwort?

    Would have to say if you don't pull out the root and burn the lot it will come back. The flowers that drop seeds will run riot. Unless you have a spray licence to get to the root with the chemical (that's why you need the licence to get the chemical). If you have a lot get specialist in to...
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    Stag Hunting

    Janet because I don't understand the local culture that's why I asked in the first place. You still have not answered who owns the deer? Anyone? Or are they wild and the hunt's people seem to think they have the right to chase them all over the moor? So anyone can just drive up with a...
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    Stag Hunting

    Ruth the hound box I saw was in Nottingham and I know the Master from years back, I don't live in Notts anymore otherwise I would have asked him. I wonder if it's the same hunt?:)
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    Stag Hunting

    So Janet all these hounds would not be transported together? Yes I have seen the hounds delivered to fox hunting in one LARGE HORSE BOX with no horses in...
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    Stag Hunting

    Exactly!! So the thing about 2 dogs is ridiculous.
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    Bruised sole

    Is your horse shod? If so have you fully checked to see a small stone hasn't wedged between shoe and hoof?
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    Sharers AGAIN.... How do you tactfully say no?!

    This ^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    Stag Hunting

    How would they stop the other hounds anyway? This hunt had two large horse boxes full of hounds that all went out. They wouldn't stand a chance of stopping the pack:mad:
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    Stag Hunting

    But this was his choice at least he didn't shot?:confused: I'm sure fencing could be errected and drawn in by food especially if done around winter?:confused:
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    Stag Hunting

    OMG!! What did you say to them? The gentleman that explained what was happening did say his wife was hunting but he also was from more north and didn't really agree with it that's why he was just car tagging:eek: So didn't have to be that involved. I didn't tell him I didn't agree with it I...
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    Stag Hunting

    So who owns the deer? I'm sure a nice ride could be organized without the dogs and hunt?