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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    I completely understand and have done the same myself but in my case it was splitting flu and tetanus jabs up as he gets so sore with them I wanted to try them separately. Interestingly it turns out that it's the flu jab he reacts to rather than the tetanus.
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    How to tidy up a cob (any videos?)

    Unless you're showing I'd go with the whatever hair is making either you or your cobs life difficult or uncomfortable cut it off approach. I've a traditional cob but he nearly always has his beard off as it's too annoying with head headcollars and bridles (and I like looking at him better with...
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    Lovely, look at the smile on your face!
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    The best news

    So, so pleased for both of you.
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    Rest in Peace my beautiful boy

    I'm so sorry for your loss, take care of yourself x
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    That is why I haven't done it yet 🤣 a friend has and it worked although I think I'm more likely to set fire to them or something ridiculous! From various things I've read I do think the back t bar being to tight seems to be a common problem. The annoying thing is he only sort of needs boots...
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    J fits into Cavallos size 5 but they are a pain with his feathers, Scoots size 7 seem to fit foot wise but the back t bar is far to tight, 8's seem to fit foot wise ok, but might possibly be too big if they give at all, and the back to bar is a lot better but still slightly neater than I would...
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    Measuring out a dressage arena

    I would definitely make it bigger than you want to ride as others have suggested. I don't have a school so all my schooling is done in the field, I have a half acre shut off for use in Spring until this time of year when I start using it for grazing and work all around it so no areas get...
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    I've a 14.2 traditional and a 5' 9" friend has ridden him and looked fine and fitted comfortably into his 17" saddle. One thing I would say is that all 17" saddles do not have the same footprint, I've found the panels on K&M and especially Wintecs extended far further out on his back to be far...
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    Urgh, that picture is grim! My mare had steroid induced lami, very lame and at one point I gave her 48hrs to improve or call it a day, and had to be on haylage due to severe equine asthma. I used Horsehage high fibre mainly, occasionally other branded 'light' types hroughout the rest of her...
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    I don't know if the equihaler makes a noise at all but when I used a babyhaler with my mare I coughed to disguise the puff of the inhaler as this was what bothered her at the start. A few days in and she was used to it and tolerated it well.
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    Question for those who were horse owners in the 1970's

    I 'worked' as in helped at a riding school/competition yard through the 80's and remember the excitement when the owner bought 3 red and navy quilted rugs with cross surcingles for some of their competition horses. They were also given a prototype rug and travel boots to trial by a manufacturer...
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    " I used to say that my private business was to help nice people help nice horses to go nicely." I absolutely love this, all I want is for my nice cob to be the best he can mainly to keep him strong and healthy but also so that we can have the most fun possible together.
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    “Erm excuse me?”

    Lovely to hear that he's enjoying himself.
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    Countryfile “horse whisperer”

    I had a horse that I had put forward and had been accepted to be used in a demo. 3 days before demo horse was not right so on vets advice I pulled them from the demo. I was put under a lot of pressure from the team to take them to the demo and was spoken to extremely rudely when I wouldn't. In...