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    Stifle surgery cost

    She's fine in the field - v athletic! She does vary a bit, but careering around on a steep hill probably stirs things up a bit sometimes. I just haven't managed to get her back into work.
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    Stifle surgery cost

    I had one done a couple of years ago, both sides, came in about 2.5k so not so far over your budget - horse hasn't come right though. Good luck
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    More saddle issues

    Thanks again, I've heard that saddles only 'slip back' to where they should be, but in this case they just keep on going! Think both tree'd saddles are fairly flat as she is quite straight along her back - an Ideal with a h & c tree (not the curved one) and a T/G jump saddle with the cob tree...
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    More saddle issues

    Thanks sbloom, saddler is booked but not sure how long before he can come. Not much choice for girthing on one saddle as all three straps are together, am already on 2nd and 4th on the other, could try the back two, am using a pro-choice girth for grip. Have tried various combinations of pads as...
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    More saddle issues

    Am underway with that, he's good but not very forthcoming with alternative suggestions. Thanks
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    More saddle issues

    Following on from the other thread, I have the opposite problem, everything slips back, drops down in front and moves at the back. Pony has quite big shoulders and not so much behind, needs to build up behind the saddle but this isn't going to happen if saddle goes back all the time. I have...
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    Experiences of Granulosa Cell Tumour

    My friend has a mare that had a huge one removed recently - keyhole through her flank to free it and then removed through the midline. She had six weeks box rest but did this with a small pen in the field during the day, the vets said the second three weeks is the most important to keep her...
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    Equinox Supplement

    Constance I tried Equinox for my tense, stress, possibly ulcery mare this year as she was getting quite difficult to ride. It didn't make any noticeable difference so I tried Aloeride (aloe vera powder) and the difference is incredible - so much more relaxed and ride-able. Something else to...
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    Phantom pregnancy?

    I had a mare do this years ago, went past her due date, looked massive, bagged up, even ran milk, vet came - def. in foal he says, until he did an internal exam - nothing! Sorry for your disappointment.
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    Anyone who's has had vertebrae fused. A quick Q

    Hi, sorry to hear about your accident. A bit different but my brother had some vertebrae in his lower back fused in March of last year and he has just ridden 4500miles off road across America on a motorcross bike with no problems!
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    Continuing the Spanish learning curve - 2 shows & 2 lessons!

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting these videos, I really enjoy watching them especially as I have some of the same issues with my half PRE mare. Armas is looking great, especially when he lets his neck out and takes the contact, so rhythmic - which I'm sure has taken a lot of work.
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    Split heels

    Thanks, I use their sole paint already.
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    Split heels

    Anybody have any experience of splits between the heel bulbs that don't extend into the frog? My horse has had them on both front feet for a few weeks and I haven't been able to get them to heal. I've tried washing with salt water, drying and using sudocreme, washing with dilute iodine and...
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    How to deal with my horse freaking out at other horses in fields

    For what it's worth I do think (from experience) that a led horse creates more interest from other grazing horses than a ridden one would, so you may not have the same problem when riding.
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    Barefoot advice needed, 2 shoes, 6 weeks, messed up feet.

    Cptrayes - That's pretty much what I was thinking, bruising wouldn't explain it then?