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    Horses and having children on yards....thoughts?

    Children left unsupervised whilst their parent rides or sorts out their own horse are a nightmare. Children who are coming to the yard to ride or care for their own pony are generally a delight!
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    H&H Mysteries - which ones do you want to know the ending

    I still worry about the woman with the Irish Draught who sounded really unsuitable for her, I would love hear if that story had a happy ending, or at least that everyone was ultimately ok, as I was seriously worried for her!
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    Weight of tack, clothes and boots - shocked!

    Me too, its about 2 stone! Scary isn't it.
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    Rug and Girth for standardbred in poor condition

    He's so shiny! Well done :)
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    Runaway ex racer!

    Shamrock was having fun! I'm sure I wouldn't have thought it was funny if I had been on board though. I might not have tried the "turn in to a hedge" trick, what if he started to leap hurdles?!
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    Resorted to drugs!

    Stay safe and good luck!
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    Rearing horse

    There has to be a reason why she is rearing, and why she is getting worse. How far have you got with investigations into back/saddle/teeth/feeding regime/possibility of ulcers? What was she like when you tried her before you bought her? I think you are exceptionally brave to continue to ride a...
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    Resorted to drugs!

    OP, is he really so bad that he needs potassium bromide?
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    Resorted to drugs!

    Let me know how you get on with the potassium bromide. I think my error was feeding ad lib haylege and then icey weather meaning I couldn't work him. At his worst he was too wired to safely get off the yard, but he's slowly "coming down" and was quite composed last night.... He's been off the...
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    Resorted to drugs!

    I think its just something to work through. We have fields that are deep in mud, no arena, the schooling paddock is too water logged and slippy to use etc, I'm at work in daylight hours 5 days a week so I suppose it was inevitable but it was a bit of a shock to find my lovely calm horse had...
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    Resorted to drugs!

    I could have written your post! I have now taken my horse off haylage and all hard feed, added a magnesium calmer and valerian cordial to his chaff and and have increased work and turn out time. I bought him in May, and he was an utter delight until recently!
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    What to do - persevere or move on?

    Well done on your dressage test! See, you can do it! You are obviously intelligent and capable, you just need more self belief :)
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    Who remembers Spike the Spensive?

    I do remember his saga! So pleased he is happy x
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    Rug and Girth for standardbred in poor condition

    Its great to hear such a lovely update!
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    Rug and Girth for standardbred in poor condition

    How is the lovely standie doing? Has he settled into his training home?