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    Would you consider this horse??

    My opinion might not be liked however a 6 year old who has had so little training is something I will always stay away from. There is no reason to have a horse this age who hasn't done anything, secondly unless they have an absolutely perfect mind set they are just too strong and hard headed at...
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    Irish Wolfhound

    I have always wanted a big dog - however renting has prevented me from getting a dog much larger than 50lbs. Well it seems as of next month my wife and I will be moving into our own place - therefore it is BIG dog time. I have always wanted to an Irish Wolfound. I knew they die young, but...
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    Controversial ride probed by the Belgian Jockey Club

    At the lower levels you would do better coming in second - your horse is always winning money, you are not running your horse hard so you can race it more, your horse isn't being forced up in class where it could loose. I know on the harness tracks in America you can make $1-2000 a week by doing...
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    American School Shooting

    But what about pilots - probably the largest group who doesn't go to the doctor because of concerns over their livelihood.
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    American School Shooting

    Previous controls like required classes, waiting periods for guns and background checks. My wife is a concealed weapons carrier - it's no easy task to get one. You can state bombs are harder to get ahold off, but that's not true. You can buy propane at any gas station, and look at Oklahoma City...
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    American School Shooting

    All of this took place just 2 hours from where I live. It is incredibly sad and I do not think any of us can get our minds around the events. Many people outside the US do not understand our gun laws or previous gun control measures put in place. We are not opposed to creating laws that save...
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    polo pony wanted!

    I do not think it takes much of a pony to get to -1. If you are that new at polo I would find someone who can help guide you. There are tons of good horses around.
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    Surviver of Hyde Park bombing kills himself and children

    Unfortunately I think many of you are far too sympathetic. The notion that this man functioned so well for 30 years after the bombing does not lead me to believe this was delayed onset PTSD. Having worked in an inner city A&E with the clinically insane, people whose homicidal ideation are so...
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    Is it possible to do CPR on horses?

    I think the reason for detering people from doing CPR on dogs, is sick and injured dogs often bite the people trying to help them.
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    Is it possible to do CPR on horses?

    I think a precordial thump would be worth while.
  11. G your competeing in a show jumping class....and you get a refusal..

    In all seriousness when I stopped riding with a whip I think my horsemanship improved rapidly. Maybe I don't have the tolerance some have for mediocre horses, and have been lucky to pair myself up well - but honestly loosing my whip worked great for me.
  12. G your competeing in a show jumping class....and you get a refusal..

    When my horse refuse I go to the 'Motmans' - beat it around the face.
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    Return VAT on Air Ambulance fuel payments.Please sign

    I believed your air ambulances were raised their own funds.
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    Return VAT on Air Ambulance fuel payments.Please sign

    They certainly have their role - but I think they should be dedicated to efficiency and transparency should be there. I hate to think how many millions Bond Aviation gets from these contracts. There is an air ambulance close to me - the gentleman who started the non-profit also owns the private...
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    Return VAT on Air Ambulance fuel payments.Please sign

    I think it is fairly common - I recently read a story about a flight where the doctor assessed the patient and sent him on his way. The more flights the helicopter the more money they get - it makes the service seem more vital, people see the helicopter more, and they probably hit up that family...